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Precision Piloting with the Fazer

Check out this new video of Ozone Team Pilots Dave Edwards and Malachi Templeton testing out their new 14m Fazers in New Zealand. The Fazer is Ozone’s newest Speed-Riding and Speed-Flying canopy, designed for modern speed pilots who need a level of precision and stability that was unavailable until now.

We are excited about this new wing and hope that you agree it is an ideal choice for high-speed on snow Speed-Riding, and also for summer foot launched flights (according to the site and your experience level). The maneuvers shown in this clip demonstrate the excellent agility, precision, stability, and energy retention (flare power and brake range) of the Fazer. For more info, please check out the Fazer info page.

Cheers from all the Team!

The Firefly Goes to Hawaii

After a tough winter in the northern hemisphere, we decided to send the Firefly to Hawaii to get some sun and a bit of ocean air. The resulting video is a beautiful tour of the island of Oahu, with a few members of the Ozone Team showing you how versatile and fun the Firefly is. If you haven’t yet soared or foot-launched a Firefly, then you’re missing out! Get a demo from your local Ozone dealer and experience the stable speed and ultra-compact feel of this exciting new toy for your collection.

Cheers from all the Team, and happy soaring!

Firefly Video Roundup

Even though winter has had most of the flying world locked up since the Firefly’s release, we’ve had some great videos come in from the warmer parts of the world and the feedback so far is all pretty much exactly the same: “Fast, stable, solid, fun!”. Nothing makes us happier than hearing back from satisfied Ozone pilots, and we’re glad that the Firefly has hit the mark. If you haven’t tried one yet, please get a demo from your local Ozone dealer and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help finding one.

Here are some recent Firefly videos sent in from around the world, if you have one of your own please share it on our facebook page or email us!

Cheers from all the Team.



Team Egmond >> Capetown Madness video

Wintertime in Holland can be fun but most of the days are grey and cold.  In February we had enough of it and decided it was time to get the summer feeling back. We packed all our gear and headed off to Cape Town, to the Endless Summer Beachhouse.

We’ve been there a few times before so we knew Cape Town is a great place for kiteboarding and paragliding.  But this year was different. Just before we left Holland a package arrived from Ozone, 3 brand new XT16 speedwings and Atak harnesses.

A few hours after our plane landed in Cape Town we already launched our new speedwings from Lions Head and had an amazing flight down to Camps Bay.

In Cape Town the wind always picks up in the afternoon so we switched the XT16’s for our custom C4’s and had a great afternoon session in Table View right in front of our guesthouse.

After this first day we realized the next 3 weeks were going to be great.  We knew where to go for kiting and gliding but it was an adventure to find the right spots for speedflying. The local Ozone dealer told us about Chapmans Peak. After a nice hike up there are multiple launches. Had some great flights there!

Check the video to see where to go to when the place you live is getting cold and grey!

Team Kite-Egmond

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Bullet the Blue Sky

Well it’s been a while since we added news over here at the speed site, so here’s a cool clip of Dominik Zimmermann carving the grassy pistes of the 11er Bahn, in Stubaital, Austria. It’s a great site for foot launching speed wings, as you can see.

Cheers Dom and nice work! Clicking on the link below will take you to the video, and also to a couple of other speed clips that Dom has put up.


Dom is flying a Bullet 09 in the 12m size.

Bi-Curious? Experience the Pleasure of Speed Flying

Speed Flying is not just for crazy kids, we insist. In fact, we really think that all paraglider pilots should try it, especially if they live someplace where wind can be a limiting factor for fun, or at sites where a lack of thermals tends to reduce your enjoyment of paragliding.

Foot Launched Speed Flying is an awesome way to have fun on a windy, or no-wind, day. And the truth is that it’s not that complicated. In fact, it’s quite simple to learn, and is a suitable option for even some beginner level paraglider pilots. Speed Flying wings are stable, simple to fly, and easy to get used to.

Come along as the Ozone Team describes some of the benefits and pleasures of foot launched speed flying, in this new short film:


Cheers from all the Team.


The XT16’s Cruising in Australia

Garth Camac sent us this video of the XT16 soaring the Southern Australian Coast… and it sure looks like fun!

The XT16 is a super stable wing with an incredible amount of brake range and the rock solid feel you need when high wind soaring. Pilots all over the world are discovering that even though it can be a little intimidating to be pulling a glider out of its bag when the winds are blowing too strong to even think of flying a normal wing, once you try just kiting the XT16 in strong winds you will understand how simple it really is.

Speed wings allow paraglider pilots to fly more, in more conditions, and at more sites. More flying, more fun!

Check out the video here. 
Cheers from all the Team.