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Fazer 3 is now available

The mission of the Fazer series is to offer the most versatile speed wing possible with performance and ease of use for both foot launch and ski launch flying. We’ve kept everything that maintains the ease of use that the Fazer series has become known for, while widening the flight range with a new riser system to allow a much steeper glide with more stability. Overall, the Fazer 3 is slightly more dynamic in roll and turns, but retains the exact handling that allows for precise control with swoop style landings and ground diving turns. Check out the Fazer 3 page for more info.

Cloudbase Foundation in Nepal

After the disastrous earthquake in Nepal last year, Karma Flights and The Cloudbase Foundation jumped to action and raised truly impactful amounts of support in both supplies and monetary donations. OZONE provided a donation of $10,000.00 to support the recovery efforts of the foundation. But, they are still on the ground and continue their efforts to help those that need assistance and to rebuild the communities that were devastated.

For the next 5 weeks, GoPro Inc. will be matching all donations to The Cloudbase Foundation. You can double your impact by donating at that link and help us give back to those that live in the places we love to fly. Watch the first video below to see how far the efforts have gone and what’s left to do.

In the second short film, a traveling artist brings some color and peace to the locals in the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake. The benefit of public art is tangible, but incalculable, and the work of Jeremy Collins in Nepal was well timed.

Again, GoPro Inc. will be matching all donations to the Cloudbase Foundation for the next five weeks – please consider supporting their mission, as we at OZONE have.

Cheers, from all the Team.


Hernan Pitocco joins the Ozone Team

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Hernan Pitocco. We have long admired Hernan’s imaginative projects around the world; his sense of adventure and his eye for airborne beauty have created some of the most impressive images seen in our sport. He has been an overall world cup champion, an XC distance world record holder, and has pioneered vol-biv routes in the Himalaya and Andes, making him a veteran of all disciplines. We look forward to supporting Hernan on his future adventures, and sharing the results with you. Cheers, from all the Team.

Follow Hernan’s adventures:
@hpitocco on instagram

Karma Flights Update

In April and May of 2015, Nepal was struck by devastating earthquakes, and pilot run Karma Flights was on the ground doing amazing work to bring aid to the local population immediately. With thousands of pilot donations, they’ve been able to bring significant relief since the earthquake hit. Here is an update from Karma Flights and The Cloudbase Foundation on exactly what all of our donations have accomplished:

We brought approximately 32 tons of food, fresh water, shelter and medical supplies and teams in by foot, jeep, motorbike, helicopter and pack animal; built almost 400 temporary shelters for families and 4 temporary schools; set up a field hospital and served over 300 patients, funded additional transport and hospital care/surgery for 14 patients with life-threatening conditions; restocked 18 schools with school supplies and 4 health posts with medical supplies; provided hundreds of solar lights/charging stations to villages without power and hundreds of water filtration systems for safe drinking water; hired a bulldozer to clear landslide impacted trails; funded the epicenter area church (used as our emergency supply-distribution center) to repair their earthquake damage and build a retaining wall against monsoon floods and employ a full-time nursery school teacher; coordinated a large-scale hydro-project which restored clean and sufficient water to a village suffering a cholera outbreak; distributed warm clothes/blankets/shoes and earthquake-safety-instruction coloring books and crayons to over 600 students in remote mountain villages; and committed to 62 long-term full-scholarships for impoverished children who lost a close family member to the quake.

In addition to this emergency response, Karmaflights Nepal continues to support its long-term waste-management, health camp, vulture conservation, village-buffalo (purchasing a buffalo for villagers to share milk), educational scholarship and hot-lunch programs. We’ve additionally been able to provide all 137 homes in Arnakot Deurali with smoke-free stoves, trained locals to build homes out of earthquake resistant earthbags, installed a solar-powered computer lab, run health camps and distributed solar lights.

For continued updates, info, photos of the relief effort, and to donate to the cause, visit www.karmaflights.org.

2016 Ozone Paraglider Brochure

The 2016 Ozone Paragliders brochure is now available to view online in 4 languages, or as a PDF download (EN, FR, DE, IT). The print version will be available from your local Ozone dealer soon. Featuring stunning photos and adventure highlights from this past year, as well as a few sneak peeks at upcoming products, we hope you enjoy this years brochure!

Cheers from all the team.

The Rapido official product video

Watch our latest video for more insights into the development and release of the Rapido: a new design for pilots who are pushing the limits of steep carving flights, low barrel rolls, and long swoops. With a slightly higher aspect ratio and a more dynamic and agile character than the Fazer series, the Rapido is designed specifically for experienced speed flying pilots. A wider glide range and a higher trim speed and wider acceleration window set this wing apart from the other speed wings in our range. Check the product page for more info.

LiteSpeed official product video

Check out the latest in depth info on the development of the LiteSpeed: a highly versatile, lightweight mini-wing that features the latest in SharkNose Technology and Ultralite construction. Its modern design incorporates the same technology that powers our highest performance XC and competition wings, packaged into a user-friendly intermediate mini-wing. Check out the product page for more info.

Jamie Lee Flying clean lines in Switzerland

Our friend Jamie Lee has been testing the Rapido in the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland recently, and sent us this video of a stellar run from last week. Jamie says, “This wing is amazing & has more range than I’ve ever experienced!” These are the type of flights the Rapido was built for, big mountain terrain for very experienced pilots. We’re eager to see where Jamie takes it over the next few weeks and will have more to report in the near future.

Thanks to Jamie and cheers from all the team!