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Three New World Records by Ozone Pilots

15 czerwca, 2013

During last World Paramotor Championship, in Marugan, Spain, three Ozone pilots achieved World Records for Time on a Precision Circuit (Clover leaf Slalom) in 3 different classes:

Class PF1 (foot launch overall) – Alex Mateos (FR) flying Viper 20 and Macfly Polini Thor 200 with a time of 36.31 sec (direct link)
Class PF1 (foot launch female) – Emilia Plak (POL) flying Speedster 19 and PAP PA125 with a time of 43.7 sec (direct link)
Class PF2 (foot launch tandem) Ryszard Zygadlo and Patrycja Lejk (POL) flying Speedster 33 and Polini Thor 20 with a time of: 82.34 sec (direct link)
All World Records were ratified by the FAI CIMA commission.
Congratulations to all!
Link to FAI World Records info: http://www.fai.org/record-microlights-paramotors