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16 maja, 2018


The Ozone Team is currently in Japan. Greetings from Ibaraki, home of two previous World Cup Events and this weekend’s Ashio XC Challenge, where we are flying along with the pack and enjoying excellent Japanese XC conditions! Dav, Russ, Jerome and Mike are all competing in the event flying Addict 2s, Rush 2s, and the Mantra R07. Matt, and Loren Cox (Ozone’s newest Graphic Designer), will be following along shooting video of the adventure for all of you to check out later this spring.

Also with us is Felix Rodriguez, long time hero in Japan, and Oka San of Falhawk International, our Japan Importer. As well as Maeda San, who has been indispensable in helping us get around this amazing country. we cannot thank Oka San and Maeda San enough for all of their help. Domo Arigato!
So far we have tramped all over Mt Fuji, been to the Kajimadaira ParaWorld festival, cruised through Tokyo, soared over temples at Ibaraki, and much more. Overall, we’ve been more than impressed by the landscape (stunningly beautiful), the people (ultra polite, kind, and helpful almost without exception), and the food (delicious, exotic (to us) and healthy).

More news will follow shortly, and in the future you will find videos on this site as well as a few magazine articles to tell the full story. For now, here are a few images of our trip so far.

All photos by David Dagault.

Cheers from all the Team!