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Jak pakować skrzydło do szybkopaka

Szybkopaki tzw. “stuff bag” są bardzo popularne wśród pilotów latających z napędem, a jednym z najczęściej zadawanych nam pytań jest to, jak pakować skrzydło tak aby nie uszkodzić syntetycznych rdzeni wbudowanych na krawędzi natarcia. Oto Lorran Michaels wyjaśniający swoją metodę.

Aby przedłużyć żywotność skrzydła i utrzymać syntetyczne rdzenie i dodatkowe wzmocnienia na krawędzie natarcia w jak najlepszym stanie, bardzo ważne jest ostrożne pakowanie skrzydła. Ozone zaleca stosowanie metody pakowania harmonijkowego, aby wszystkie cele spoczywały obok siebie, a plastikowe wzmocnienia nie były niepotrzebnie wygięte. Korzystanie z Light Ozone Saucisse pomoże przedłużyć żywotność skrzydła, przyspieszy i ułatwi pakowanie.

Triking with the Viper

How stable is a PPG trike? Check this video out for some pretty good footage of the Viper in action. By Passion Ailes of Southwest France, this video shows what an excellent tool trikes can be for filming – not to mention general fun! Click here – it’s in Quicktime only, so you’ll need that: http://absy.com/VIDEOSMP4/ChariotZ-H.264-2000K.mov for more info on Passion Ailes: http://www.passion-ailes.com/

For more (a lot more) PPG videos, check out Chad Bastian’s library at http://www.americanparagliding.com/video/index.htm
Cheers from all the Team.

‘Streamlined 08’ The Film – Release!

Wolfgang Pilch of Team Silver in Austria has created one of the most beautifully shot paragliding short films we have ever seen. With highly technical camera angles, full HD widescreen, and some impressive editing, ‘Streamlined 08’ is destined to become a favorite of any paraglider pilot who likes to think outside the box when it comes to launching techniques and flying maneuvers!

Just when you think that you’ve seen it all, along comes a film like this to prove that the limits can be pushed even further than before. Our favorite part of this film is watching Wolfgang launch his Octane FLX out the rear door of a twin engine skydiving jump-plane at 90kmh. Watching the Octane FLX shock inflate and then fly through the turbulence behind the massive plane leaves little doubt that the wing is strong and stable! And also that Wolfgang really knows how to D-Bag! Congratulations to Wolfgang for his excellent launches and a very cool film.

We have waited to release the full version of this movie to coincide with the Hobnox Film Challenge. Please go to this link and after watching the film, Vote For It!!! Doing so will help Wolfgang win some money to supplement the budget for another project, which we’re sure will be even better.

Viewable at Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/2377628
Enjoy, and don’t forget to vote. Please follow this link for instructions: http://www.team-silver.at/Sonstiges/Streamlined/streamlined08_help_1.html
Cheers from all the Team!

New Short Film: ‘Red Rock and Ripstop’

Recently a few of the Ozone Team ventured into the American Desert in search of an environment that would be ideal for a paragliding adventure. Europe in November can be tough place to fly in the sun, so we chose the badlands of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona in the USA. With a truck full of gliders and a simple plan: ‘Fly new sites in the desert’, we all piled into a truck and headed south with only a map and a vague idea of what we might find.

You’ll be seeing some of the images pop up in magazines during 2009, and to see a short film edited by Cade Palmer and Loren Cox and filmed by John James (mostly), Matt Gerdes, Cade Palmer, and Carson Klein, check out this link to the Ozone Vimeo Page: http://vimeo.com/2516083

A special thanks goes out to John James for all of the logistics and support (driving, filming, etc), and to Cade for the edit. Enjoy!Cheers from all the Team.

And don’t forget to check out the Ozone Team Blogs for news and stories and photos: http://teamblog.flyozone.com/


The Kona builds on over a decade of PPG wing design, and is the perfect wing in the OZONE range for beginner-intermediate PPG pilots who need a wing that excels in free-flight. Based on the Buzz Z5, which is one of the most popular wings in our range, the Kona features cutting edge performance technology in a platform that is exceedingly comfortable under power or in free-flight. Visit the product page for full details.

Speedster 2 – official product video

Replacing the iconic Speedster was never going to be an easy task. After years of testing, we are pleased to announce that the Speedster 2 is now ready. This all new design retains a similar character to its predecessor, but includes technological improvements on the handling, stability, and efficiency. The Speedster 2 is a more agile and efficient wing, with even more speed for the new generation of PPG pilots.
For more info – flyozone.com/paramotor/en/products/gliders/speedster2/info/

VIPER 4 – official product video

Have a look at the new Viper 4 video and hear all the details from the design team and team pilots.
The Viper 4 is our paramotor competition wing designed for advanced pilots only. The Viper 4 can be used for classic or slalom competition tasks, and is a highly efficient and versatile performance PPG wing. It is an evolution of the V3, with a 3-line design, unsheathed lines, and a new profile. In thermal conditions its behavior is similar to a paragliding wing, with excellent climb and glide performance and with progressive and intuitive handling that transmits moderate feedback to the pilot.  more info http://www.flyozone.com/paramotor/en/products/gliders/viper4/info/… Read more about Viper 4 here