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Ozone is excited to announce that young Nicolas Aubert has joined our team.
Nicolas is 20 years young, and has been flying paramotor since he was only 13 years old – thanks to his father, who is one of the first paramotor manufacturers.  He is Spanish, with French roots. At 15 years old he participated in the slalom competition series in France for the first time and was invited to join the French National Team.

Since then, he has participated in various European and World championships, finishing in the top four individually, and 1st with the French team. Nicolas is also three-time Spanish National Champion!

For the 2018 season, Nicolas will be focused on training for the World Classic Championships in Thailand, and the World Slalom Championships in Egypt. He will attend numerous events around the World, including Spain, France, Belgium, and other regions for specific PPG adventure projects that he is planning.

We are happy to have the opportunity to support Nico in achieving his flying goals!

Cheers, from all the Ozone Team

Flying 1900 km unsupported – Icarus Trophy on the Viper

Most of our flights are in the backyard in a known environment.  Doesn‘t it get a little boring after a while? And suddenly a bunch of pilots decide to strap the sleeping bag onto the paramotor and leave for the unknown and accepted the challenge of the Icarus Trophy – the toughest paramotor race. Miroslav Svec paramotor pilot from Slovakia and owner of well known paramotor brand Scout took part in the latest Icarus Trophy and finished the adventure on his Ozone Viper 3.

During more than a week Miroslav flew unsupported over 1900 kilometers, flying from glaciers at the border with Canada, high elevated desert, volcanoes, enormous lava fields, the Great Salt Lake, swamps and salt flats, high elevation mountain passes, deep unforgiving canyons, arches, rock reefs, … all the way to the desserts at Las Vegas.
Miroslav reports: “We had to fly in different weather conditions, start in snow, hail and sub-zero temperatures in Montana over to Idaho and tropical temperatures in Arizona and Nevada just a week later.  Flying unsupported, you had to take all the gear with you: additional fuel, 4 liters of 2T oil, camping gear, spare clothes, water, some food, cameras, charges, batteries. Only start and finish point are given. We had to plan all route, search for fuel stops, analyze the weather, adapt your route, find shelter for the night … make good decisions and accept the consequences of the bad ones! I chose to fly Viper 3 22 for this race and I think my choice was pretty close to perfect! There are a few things that are crucial for this kind of adventure and there are a few that are beneficial to make a glider the ultimate cross country weapon: inflation, takeoff and landing speed, stability in turbulence, fuel efficiency and speed. Viper 3 tick in all boxes! It is very easy to inflate, I believe Viper 3 has significantly lower takeoff and landing speed than other gliders similar class and size. In mild turbulence Viper 3 is a very “nervous” glider, it moves all the time and at first it feels like require steering all the time. But soon, I learnt that it remains super solid and I have never had a single collapse! Efficiency of the Viper 3 is just superb.  I had the same fuel efficiency at slow and at full speed. Its unbelievable. Obviously the consumption per hour increases, but in pretty much the same rate as speed, giving me almost the same range for given fuel amount. Speed – I would love to have a bit more. Most of the pilots were flying smaller sizes… I had a ton of fun and adventure on this trip and I am planning to test Viper 4 to use it in the next long cross country adventure”.

Congratulation from all Ozone Team!

Read the full story with plenty breathtaking pictures here

Icarus Trophy web page here

Three New World Records by Ozone Pilots

During last World Paramotor Championship, in Marugan, Spain, three Ozone pilots achieved World Records for Time on a Precision Circuit (Clover leaf Slalom) in 3 different classes:

Class PF1 (foot launch overall) – Alex Mateos (FR) flying Viper 20 and Macfly Polini Thor 200 with a time of 36.31 sec (direct link)
Class PF1 (foot launch female) – Emilia Plak (POL) flying Speedster 19 and PAP PA125 with a time of 43.7 sec (direct link)
Class PF2 (foot launch tandem) Ryszard Zygadlo and Patrycja Lejk (POL) flying Speedster 33 and Polini Thor 20 with a time of: 82.34 sec (direct link)
All World Records were ratified by the FAI CIMA commission.
Congratulations to all!
Link to FAI World Records info: http://www.fai.org/record-microlights-paramotors

Ozone Pilots Win with the Slalom

The new Slalom has been piloted to several wins already this year in the beginning of the 2013 competition season.

At the Expo Montegrappa, a majority of the pilots were flying Ozone, although there were several team pilots from other brands. A figure 8 FAI slalom task was flown. Alex Mateos (Viper 18) and Aurelien Ganaye (Slalom 21) completed the tasks with impressive times of 30 and 32 seconds, 5-6 seconds faster than the next pilots in the ranking. Congrats guys, well done, and we assume that was great training for the upcoming French Champs.

The first league of the Italian PPG championships was organized during the first weekend of April. Of the event,  Raffaele Benetti said, “Finally in Italy the level of competition is gradually aligning to the rest of Europe, with more and more technical tasks, improved pilot skills, and the best equipment”. On the podium of the first event, three Ozone Slalom pilots stood together. In first place, Sandro Passeri (Seven time Italian champion) once again affirmed his lead.

Italian Championships:

1) Sandro Passeri (Ozone Slalom 21)

2) Raffaele Benetti (Ozone Slalom 19)

3) Walter Camozzi (Ozone Slalom 21)

Cheers from all the Team.

Ozone Pilots Win at 2012 World Championships

After a three year hiatus, (the last World Paramotor Championships were in the Czech Republic in 2009) the 7th World Paramotor Championships took place in a small airfield in Marugan, Spain (close to Madrid).

118 pilots and co-pilots from 17 countries competed in 4 categories: PF1 foot launch solo, PF2 foot launch tandem, PL1 single trike and PL2 double trike. It was the first time in the history of the sport that a female PF1 class was valid.

Good weather conditions allowed pilots to fly 10 tasks over 7 days: 2 slaloms, precision landing, navigation with limited fuel, navigation for speed, precision navigation with speed declaration or photo finding, eco-distance and pure eco in nice thermal conditions.

Ozone team pilot, Alex Mateos, suffered an ankle injury just 1 week before the competition started. Miraculously, he was able to enter the PF1 class flying his Viper. Alex won all slalom tasks by a comfortable margin but was not competitive enough in the economy tasks flying his Polini 200 engine. It was only after the last economy task that he lost his lead, finishing 2nd overall for a Vice World Champion title. Well done Alex! And we wish you the best for the European Championship in Estonia, 2013.

Ozone Speedsters dominated the PF2 podium, in 1st and 2nd place. French pilot Yann Leudiere with his co-pilot Aundrey were unbeatable from the beginning of the competition, followed by polish couple Ryszard Zygadlo and Patrycja Lejk. Both teams were flying the Speedster 33. The wing showed amazing performance, allowing fast take off and the best speed and agility in all tasks even with the airfield altitude being 940m above sea level.

In the PF1 Female class, Ozone PPG manager, Emilia Plak, flew her Speedster 19m to an overall World Champion Title. Coralie Mateos took 2nd overall, also flying her Speedster 19m.

Emilia Plak: “The Speedster pilots in this competition were all very happy with its performance. Marugan airfield gave us difficult conditions with higher altitude launches in nil-wind conditions. The Speedster was very easy to launch, has amazing top speed and proved very stable in turbulence. In thermals, it felt more like a free-flight wing.”

Alex Mateos: ”I started flying with Ozone and it’s still my choice. I love the Viper series and think it is the best compromise for all types of tasks in classic competition: speed, agility, and economy. This competition was a bit difficult for me because of my twisted ankle. It was hard decision I had to make, just before the beginning of competition it was still very painful but I am very happy I participated!”

Full results: http://marugan2012.es/paramotor/scores

More Slalom Wins by Ozone Pilots

Another Slalom event has taken place in France, at the Slalomania Tour Vosges. Ozone Team Pilots Alex and Mathieu finished first and second, respectively. Mathieu Rouanet reports:

“Pilots ran a total of 15 tasks around the pylons, and we could see that the general level of paramotor pilots is improving a lot each year in the slalom events! The speed and the maneuverability of the wings has improved a lot as well.
Alexandre Mateos is untouchable on his Viper 2 18m, and it was impossible for anyone to catch him in this, his favorite event. His point lead was so big that we could only dream to be second, or third place at best, for this event. I [Mathieu Rouanet] finished second on my new Speedster 19m, which looks like the easiest overall tool for slalom racing, as it has a nice low aspect ratio.
The performance of Aurelien Ganaye, who finished 5th without even touching his speedbar, was noteworthy. His trajectories are probably the wisest of any of the competitors. It was great to see so many Ozone pilots in the slalom discipline, which now makes up the majority of PPG competitions. Ozone wings are of course known for their great handling and speed characteristics, which is what the slalom game is all about.”

The next tasks of the 2012 Slalomania Series will be in August in Couhé, in the southwest of France, and then in Gap, France, just before the Coupe Icare, for the final.

Currently Alex has won 18 points in the 2012 Slalomania Series, and Mathieu has 17. Stay tuned for the next events.

Full results can be seen here.

Photos at right courtesy of Joel Amiable and Michel Clement

Cheers from all the Team!

Ozone Pilots Harvest Gold at French PPG Champs

The 2012 French National PPG Championships have come to a close, and Ozone Pilots took gold in 4 out of the 5 events.

-Alex Mateos: 2012 French Paramotor Champion flying his Viper 2 20m
-Coralie Mateos: 2012 French Women’s Paramotor Champion flying her Speedster 19m. Coralie has earned this title 3 times now!
-Yann Leudiere: 2012 French Paramotor Champion for foot-launch tandem, flying his Speedster 33m.
-Christophe Charon: 2012 French Vice Champion, foot launch tandem, Speedster 33.
-Jeremy Lecourt: 2012 Paramotor French Champion, solo trike category, flying his Viper 27m.

Here’s a roundup, as reported by Mathieu Rouanet:

The Ozone Team won 4 gold medals on 5 podiums. I should point out that the Mateos family finds themselves with more and more gold in their hands… this is the second National Title for Alex (he also won in 2010) and the third for Coralie (2009 and 2010 already). We had excellent weather all week, allowing us to have tasks for all categories of paramotor competition, including “Mania” and Precision Landings, Speed / Navigation tasks, and Regulation / Economy tasks.

The battle for first place was intense, and unsure until the last second. Alex and Pascal Vallee both flew amazingly in the Championship. At the end, Alex was only a hair ahead of Pascal. Alex is very happy with his Viper, and enjoys it in all types of flying. There are no negative points, he says, allowing him to excel in every area of the competition.

Coralie chose to fly the Speedster 19m, relying on the speed and agility for the slalom tasks. She said that having such high confidence in the wing allowed her to really focus on her flying without having to worry about the stability of the wing. The Speedster really is built for a wide range of pilots, and is even used by the Annecy Paramotor, Courant D’Ailes, and Orleans Paramotor schools in their training program! (http://www.annecyparamoteur.com/, http://courantdailes.free.fr/, and http://www.orleansparamoteur.com/). It’s incredible that it’s used in schools, and also at top level competitions.
Yann also chose the Speedster for his tandem flying due to its ease of launch (Even though the 33m is a very small size for PPG tandem) and its amazing speed when untrimmed and accelerated. Also, he prefers to use an easy wing for tandem flying, he says. His main competitor, Christophe Charon, had already won the same title last year with the Speedster 33m.
Jeremy Lecourt began to fly in the solo trike class only 2 months ago, and is now French champion. He chose the Viper due to its speed and ease of launch, which he says is crucial when flying trikes. Also, he says it is hard to find a wing with good agility for “mania” tasks, alongside high efficiency for the economy tasks.

Thanks for the report, Mathieu! We at Ozone would like to send a huge congratulations to all of the pilots who have chosen to fly our wings. We are very happy to see so many smiling pilots perched on podiums in France, and around the world! Cheers from all the Team, and happy motoring!

Mathieu Sets New World Record

The FAI has just ratified Mathieu Rouanet’s smoking fast flight through the clover leaf course, at 38.976 seconds. Mathieu was flying a small size of the Ozone Viper, and he reckons that this record might stand for a while.

The speed and agility of the Viper 2 is virtually unmatched in the PPG world, as is evidenced by this record and many others, not to mention more international competition titles than any other wing in history.

Mathieu is currently in Thailand, where he is exploring the country by PPG and participating in the UTE contest, check here for more info.

Cheers from all the Team.

FAI has ratified the following Class R (Microlights) World record :
Claim number : 15478
Sub-class :RPF1Tm (Microlights : Paraglider Control / Foot-launched / Flown with one person / Thermal Engine / Male category)
Type of record : Precision Circuit in the Shortest Time (“Clover leaf Slalom”)
Course/location : Torino (Italy)
Performance : 38.976 s
Pilot : Mathieu ROUANET (France)
Paramotor : Ozone Viper
Date :12.06.2009

Mathieu and Emilia Win!

After an aggressive campaign using all of the social media tools they could think of including Facebook, Twitter, and all relevant forums, Mathieu and Emilia have won their all expenses paid trip to Phuket, Thailand.

The ‘Ultimate Thailand Explorers’ competition pitted Mathieu and Emilia against several other 2 person teams, all of whom created a short video to convince the public they they deserved their vote to go and explore a specific region of Thailand. Mathieu and Emilia, being paramotor champions, created a short film showing their flying plans, and crushed the competition with thousands of votes more than the other contestents! See Mathieu and Emilia’s preview film here

At this point, M&E are already in Thailand slowly making their way towards Phuket. We’re excited to see the photos and video that they come up with, and the second part of the competition which will decide which of the 5 teams will win the overall ‘Ultimate Explorers’ title, for the best adventure and report from inside the country.
We’ll keep news posted here, so stay tuned and for more info, head over to: http://ultimatethailandexplorers.com/

Congrats, Mathieu and Emilia, and have a great trip!

Ozone: 5 Medals at the World Air Games!

In a 100% Ozone Podium, Mathieu Rouanet, Laurent Salinas, and  Alexander Mateos took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places flying their Vipers at the World Air Games event in Torino, Italy. Also, Felix Rodriguez and his brother, Raul, took the gold medal in Acro Syncro. In the Accuracy competition, Guangqiang Sheng won a silver medal with his Addict 2, which he received just 2 weeks before the competition. Apparently it didn’t take him long to get used to this wing, which he had only 10 flights on before winning the silver medal 😉

The WAG Paramotor tasks are centered on speed, efficiency, and agility, and the Viper / Viper 2 performed remarkably well for Mathieu, who took the overall victory. Pilots at the event were required to compete in a special set of tasks, such as the Clover Leaf, Basketball Slalom, and Dragon Tail Chase. All tasks require that pilots fly close to the ground at high speeds while maneuvering carefully with their wings. The agility and stability of the Viper 2, combined with top of the class speed, helped Mathieu, Laurent, and Alex to win.

Mathieu is no stranger to competition with more International Competition Titles than any PPG pilot in history. He has been World Champion, Vice World Champion, European Champion, and French National Champion, all with the Viper. He is also an integral part of Ozone’s PPG development team, offering crucial feedback on our wings.

Laurent Salinas has been flying PPG wings for some time, but has been less active in competition. He recently placed 2nd at the French Nationals, and is clearly going to be a formidable opponent on the PPG competition scene in the coming years!

And speaking of future potential… Alexander Mateos is just 17 years old, but is already one of the best PPG pilots in the world. Free flight sports typically favor pilots with years of experience, and although Alex has only been flying for 5 years, he has the skill and control of a seasoned pilot. We are quite confident that Alex will be one of the best pilots, if not the best pilot, in the world in the very near future, and we’re very happy that he is enjoying his Ozone wings.

The Rodriguez brothers, Felix and Raul, took gold in the acro syncro event. The two brothers have been the strongest syncro acro team and two of the best acro pilots in the world for a decade now, although competition from other teams has increased a great deal in recent years. Felix was flying his pro model FLX.2, which is available to pilots who want max acro in their flying.
Congratulations guys, excellent work!

Cheers from all the Team.