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World Champion Honorin Hamard Joins Ozone R&D Team

The Ozone R&D Team is growing! Dav, Luc, Russ, and Fred, are pleased to welcome Honorin Hamard to the R&D Team. “Hono” is 23 years old, and has been flying since age 13. His young age belies his calm and mature attitude, however, and all of us at Ozone have been entirely impressed with his rapid progress and mature attitude in the air – an attitude that saw him win the 2015 World Championships, win the declared goal world record in 2013 (423kms), and stand on several National podiums.

He will be working closely with the boys as a test and development pilot, and brings with him a wealth of experience and talent. Not only that, but also he dramatically reduces the average age of the Ozone test team; the future is bright!

Cheers, from all the Team.

Giving Back, in Nepal.

Following the disastrous earthquake last week, our good friend Isabella Messenger is helping to spearhead ground rescue, supply, and medical relief efforts in the villages around Pokhara, Nepal, a well known flying site where thousands fly each year.

Karma Flights is a local pilot-run charity in Pokhara. Run by pilots who want to ‘give back’ to those in the community, it’s now found itself at the centre of relief efforts in Pokhara and have been doing remarkable aid work without the help of the government or any large NGO’s for the past week, organizing supply and food distribution and sending teams to the local villages near the epicenter of the earthquake to offer whatever medical assistance, shelter, and rescue efforts that they can.

We’d like to assist them in reaching out to fellow pilots to help them keep up their efforts. Rest assured that any donations are going directly to help those on the ground. If you’d like to help, the simplest way is to donate through the Karma Flights website. You don’t need a PayPal account, just a bank card.

Isabella has been posting updates on her facebook page with photos and details of their work which we highly recommend following.

Coupe Icare 2014

This year the 41st Coupe Icare saw a lot of activity on the paramotor field. Ozone team pilots showed off the two latest paramotor wings in our range, the Viper 3 and Roadster 2. We’d like to send a thanks to all of the paramotor pilots who visited us at the stand, flew with us on the field, and / or tested our wings – Some gorgeous flyable weather allowed for scenic flights above the plateau of St Hilaire.

Ozone Team pilot, Alex Mateos, participated in the Parabatix Sky Race (slalom / precision competition), which took place on plateau of St Hilaire and the landing of Lumbin during three days of the event. There were 8 top pilots competing from the international scene, including past winners, Paco Guerra and Thomas Migneaux. Alex flew his Slalom 16 and repeated his victory from previous years, winning the overall final run. Congrats to all of the pilots and thank you for a great show! Also, on Saturday afternoon the crowds enjoyed a ppg show put on by Alex and Emilia Plak.

Thank you to everyone who took time to visit our stand. It was great to see old friends and so many new faces.
See you next year!

The Ozone Slalom Open at Neeroeteren, Belgium

The 2nd editioin of the Ozone Slalom Open series took place the weekend of 18 – 20 July in Neeroeteren, Belgium. The event was organized in cooperation with Filip Peremans, our Ozone representative in Belgium who runs Pro Fly Paramotor School.

Ozone Slalom

Despite a windy forecast, more than 30 pilots came together for this event! During the training tasks, a few of the pilots present were able to experience flying around pylons for the first time, and they had their time measured and compared with their friends. Alex and Emilia were on site to give practical advice on how to improve their precision flying. On Saturday evening, everyone flew one hour x-country to visit the local region, and demo wings were on-hand for local pilots to fly. The new Viper 3 was also shown during the event by Alex, Emilia and Filip.

Congrats to the podium winners at this friendly comp:
1. Francois Blanc
2. Luc Vangoethemd
3. Kurt Clerix

Cheers from all the team, and stay tuned for a short film about the event.

Alex Mateos 1st in French Slalomania League 2014

Ozone team pilot, Alex Mateos, has won the first 2 events of the Slalomania league, competing against former World and National Champions.

The first event was held in Saint Omer (France) in June, where Alex won 12 of the 15 tasks.

At the second event, in Albefeuille-Lagard, last weekend, Alex reported that 50% of the field were flying Ozone wings.

Alex is flying Ozone Slalom 16 with the Macfly Polini Thor 250.

Current Overall results:
1st Alex Mateos
2nd Jeremy Penone
3rd Pascal Vallee

Coupe Icare 2013

This year the 40th Coupe Icare 2013 saw a lot of activity on the paramotor field. Thanks to all of the paramotor pilots who visited us and either flew with us or tested our wings – we really enjoyed the ideal weather conditions which allowed for many scenic flights above the plateau of St Hilaire.

Ozone Team pilot, Alex Mateos, participated in the Parabatix Sky Race (slalom / precision competition), which took place on Saturday and Sunday in plateau of St Hilaire and the landing of Lumbin. There were 10 top pilots competing from the international scene, including last year’s winner Thomas Migneaux. Alex flew his Slalom 19 and won the first day’s tasks, and the overall final run. Congrats to all of the pilots and thank you for a great show. Also, on Saturday afternoon the crowds enjoyed a ppg show put on by Alex and Aurelien Ganaye – thanks guys!

Thank you to everyone who took time to visit our stand. It was great to see old friends and so many new faces.
See you next year!


During the weekend of August 3rd, we held the inaugural event in the Ozone Slalom Series, in cooperation with Raffaele Benetti. The OSS is designed to be a fun and friendly event for PPG pilots to experience slalom flying, and competition. Slalom competitions have grown in popularity recently, and the Ozone Slalom Series puts pros and amateurs together in a friendly learning environment.

Ozone Slalom

Pilots at the event were able to demo Ozone wings, including the new Ozone Slalom. Ozone Team Pilots, Alex Mateos and Emilia Plak were on hand to give tips and instruction on the best techniques for Slalom flying, and PPG flying in general.

Although the focus was the pylon course, pilots at the event also went for a spectacular XC flight along the coast at Viareggio.

The results of the informal competition were as follows:
1. Alex Mateos (Slalom 19)
2. Raffaele Benetti (Slalom 19)
3. Emilia Plak (Slalom 16)

Italian podium:
1. Raffaele Benetti (Slalom 19)
2. Baroni  Fabrizio (Slalom 21)
3. Alessio Meconi (Slalom 21)

The youngest pilot in the event was the 17 year old, Leonardo Pezzini, flying his Speedster 19. He finished 7th.

Cheers from all the team, and stay tuned for more a short film about the event.

All photos by: Vania Da Rui

Las Candelas 2013 (With Video)

Alex Mateos just returned from the Las Candelas PPG event. Scroll down for a great video! Alex reports:

“I was sitting at home in France during a cold spell in winter, dreaming of flying my paramotor in the sun… and then I remembered that the Las Candelas event in the south of Spain is the perfect place to fly paramotor in my t-shirt! I checked the weather conditions, called my friend Aurelien, and made a quick decision. We packed lots of toys: Macfly Thor 200 paramotors, 3 new Ozone Slalom wings, our Viper 2 20 and new demo Speedster 22 and we decided to hit the road early. Already on thursday we were in the sky over the beautiful lake of Las Puebla de los Infantes. The location of the event, next to magnificant lake, was a perfect playground. Light wind conditions allowed us to play over the water, doing endless footdrags and easy wing tip touches! What a place!

Sunny weather meant lots of pilots this year at the event. I was happy to show our new Slalom wing and the Speedster 22 to all of them. On Friday our youngest team mate, Nicolas Aubert, joined us and we flew together a lot. He was happy to try the new Slalom 19, which has just arrived for him. We had lots of fun sharing our flying passion with Spanish friends. As every year, we enjoyed the Spanish food and village fiestas with big fires all night on the streets of La Puebla. Saturday and Sunday the wind picked up. The conditions were not very stable, but we could still fly the smallest sizes of Slalom (19) and Speedster (16). Sunday afternoon we said goodbye to our Spainish friends and the Spanish sun and hit the road back to the French snow. See you next year!”

– Alex Mateos

Photos: Marie Liepmann, Pilots: Aurelien Ganaye (Slalom 21), Alex Mateos (Slalom 19), Nicolas Aubert (Speedster 16)

Coupe Icare News: 2013 Glider Announcements

We’ve just returned from a fun weekend at the Coupe Icare, where the Ozone team stayed busy inflating well over 6,000 balloons for our stand and the public. The balloons were all 100% biodegradable (they totally degrade in about 2 weeks of normal climate exposure) so if you were worried about that, fear not, we thought of it too 😉 Thanks to those of you who came to visit us at our stand, and we hope to meet many more of you there in the future!

While at the event, we presented our new wings for the rest of 2012 and for the 2013 season. A brief summary of them follows below. Please do not contact us for more info at this time, as we cannot say any more than this – thanks for your understanding!

Coming very soon:

Slalom – This new PPG wing is available for order now. It is our answer for pilots who want to carve the tightest turns at the highest speeds, on or off the race course.

The XXLite – This revolutionary single surface wing has been talked about for over a year, and is now finally going into production. It will be available for order later this week in the 16m and 19m sizes, weighing in at about 1.37kg and 1.2kg, respectively. More info will be available on the XXLite product page shortly.

The Trickster – We’ve released some photos and video of this exciting new acro wing recently and we’re very happy to announce that it will be available to order this week. This wing is for advanced acro pilots. The Trickster is a totally new design and initial reports have confirmed that it is vastly easier to execute all of the most advanced acro maneuvers than any wing we have designed to date, and will be available to order this week.

The R12 – Although Open Class wings are no longer the focus of most competitions, some of the world’s best pilots still prefer to fly a wing with the maximum performance possible. The R11 continues to be a popular option for record seekers and hardcore XC pilots, and for that reason we are now updating it with a few improvements to the handling and coordination of the wing. The R12 is not a replacement for the EnZo.

Coming for 2013:

The Buzz Z4 – Although the Z3 is extremely difficult to improve, and remains one of the most popular wings we’ve ever released, we have managed to retain all of its comfort and ease of use while massively upgrading the performance.

The Delta 2 – The rumours are true, and the Delta will be replaced very soon. We expect that the Delta 2 will represent just as much of a performance advance as the original Delta did in its class, with glide performance that equals many wings in the class above.

The Mantra M5 – This new wing will be a 2-line design with a shark nose profile. Although the comfort and ease of use will feel familiar to current M4 pilots, we are confident that the performance will rival the other wings in its class.

If all goes to plan, we hope to have the Z4 and the Delta 2 on sale before the end of the year and the M5 early in 2013. We will post more news on each of these wings as it becomes available, so stay tuned!

Cheers from all the Team.

Ozone Pilots Sweep 2012 Slalomania Series

The final leg of Slalomania 2012 took place last weekend in Aspres sur Buech, France. Once again it was a game of milliseconds played by the new generation of PPG pylon racers, who are now training specifically for PPG Slalom, the fastest growing aspect of PPG competition.
Alex Mateos remains the undefeated champion of the discipline flying his Viper 2 18m, with Mathieu Rouanet following closely (well, not too closely) behind with his Speedster 19.
Alex’s style is unique and clearly a level above everyone else on the scene. Mathieu’s result confirms that his low aspect ratio wing, the Speedster 19, is totally capable of surpassing the performance of  “higher level” wings in agility and speed. Mathieu reported that the 19m Speedster feels comparatively easy and is a highly accessible wing, suitable for a wide range of pilots.

The overall Slalomania Results for 2012 are 100% Ozone, congrats guys! Thanks so much for flying Ozone.
1st Alex Mateos
2nd Mathieu Rouanet
3rd Aurélien Ganaye

The overall Slalomania France 2012 results can be seen here.

Cheers from all the Team!