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Lex Robe wins FAI WXC 2017

October 5, 2017

It was 2015 when Lex Robe won, for the first time, the FAI World XC Online Contest. This year he has repeated the feat, winning with 2520 points, followed by Resigner Alois and Markus Eder for a full Austrian podium. The trio all flew Zenos.

In Lex’s words:

“Oops, I did it again!” Britney Spears would have squealed in my place with a shrill voice. By today’s deadline it is official: I am the winner of the official FAI WXC, for the second time. With up to a year ago still absolutely unimaginable points peak of 2520 points. How incredible …

Looking at the more detailed XContest results list, it is noticeable that the remaining pilots among the TOP 5 submitted all of their routes on Brazilian soil, where one can really rack up the kilometers, if only you can only take a long enough vacation!

After my return from South America I shed a tear, as I had to come home after just 16 days in the flatlands there. I had just begun to warm up in the strong wind and flatland environment, and had two new Austrian records on my last two flight days there: 462km and 442km.

So I found myself at the end of the Brazil season, just 5th place in the World. There were still some good days in the Alps, and I knew with my new feel-good wing, the Ozone Zeno, I would have the potential at Hammertagen for a really nice FAI-Triangle around the Eastern Alps.

So, fortunately, with two large FAI triangles from the Stoderzinken, 295km and 284km, I was again at the top of the international standings”

For Final results Click here
Cheers and congrats from all the OZONE team