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September 22, 2017

Each year around this time, we announce products that are launching soon. The following products will be available to order in the coming weeks / months. Stay tuned for more info!


Alpina 3: Light Sport Performance Paraglider

  • 1kg lighter than the Delta 3
  • Same moderate Aspect Ratio
  • Higher top speed than Alpina 2
  • Highly optimized lightweight construction despite 4 more cells, it is still lighter than Alpina 2
  • Increased trim and accelerated speed glide performance
  • Improved handling and precision in the turn
  • Low pack volume, perfect for Hike and fly XC adventures.
  • Double 3D shaping, patented OZONE SharkNose, and further reductions in line drag compared to the Alpina 2

Rush 5: The New Sport Intermediate Paraglider

  • With Zeno and Delta 3 trickle-down technology
  • Agile, fun, comfortable XC wing for intermediate pilot
  • Optimised structure for comfortable solidity in active air
  • Improved glide performance across the speed range
  • More agility and better precision in the turn
  • Next-gen 3D shaping, patented OZONE SharkNose, and further reductions in line drag compared to Rush 4

WISP: World’s Lightest Tandem*, for Hike & Fly

  • 38m size is 4.45kgs: 3500g lighter than the Magnum 2 38!
  • EN B certification
  • Easy launch and landing characteristics
  • Highly compact and agile handling
  • Low pack volume: packs like a solo wing
  • Hike and fly tandem – share the joy of mountain flight with your favorite people!
  • Full size tandem wing – the weight reduction is from optimized design, not reduced surface area

*Lightest Dual Surface design, as of Sept 2017


Magnum 3: The Professional Legacy Tandem

  • Balancing passenger comfort and pilot pleasure
  • New profile and internal structure filters out unnecessary feedback from the sail for a more comfortable ride, and happier passenger
  • Lighter and more precise handling, with increased agility, for increased pilot pleasure
  • Easy launch and landing characteristics: easy inflation and early lift
  • The low-speed flight and flare authority are improved for easy landings, even in nil-wind
  • A reliable, profitable workhorse. The choice of materials and construction techniques used are designed to last many flights
  • Free custom colours for that personal touch

Session: The World Champion Acro Wing

  • The choice of Victor “Bicho” Carrera, 2017 Syncro World Champion and Solo Vice-World Champion
  • Totally revised design based on feedback from Felix Rodriguez, Pal Takats, Hernan Pitocco, and Victor Carrera
  • Replaces the Trickster series

TriOX: For all trike designs, from light to heavy

  • Powered Trike Specific Design in two sizes: 34m, 38m
  • Weight range up to 411kg
  • DGAC Homologation
  • Fuel efficient, with high top speed in accelerated flight
  • OZONE Reflex Profile
  • Easy launch, short take off
  • Designed for all trike pilots

Rapi-Dos: Even Faster, More Range – Speed Wing

  • New profile
  • New trim system
  • Reduced line drag
  • Same launch characteristics
  • Top of class swoop landing performance
  • Steeper glide range, and higher trim speed at all angles, for an exciting upgrade to a benchmark wing

HALO: A Solid Start – School Harness

  • Replaces the Oxygen 2 series
  • Durable, sleek design
  • Simple and easy to adjust
  • Very easy to recline into the seated position once airborne.
  • 17cm mousse airbag safety
  • Ultra-reliable clover leaf parachute deployment system
  • Everything your student needs, nothing they don’t
  • Affordable for instructors, comfortable for students

QUEST: Your Adventure Begins – Intermediate Harness

  • Aerodynamic and clean design, with modern features
  • Very easy to recline into the seated position once airborne
  • Comfortable, agile feel with a good balance of weight shift authority and stability in turbulent air.
  • Reliable under seat parachute deployment system
  • Ideal for intermediate pilots seeking comfort and simplicity for all types of flight
  • Lightweight design
  • 17cm mousse airbag safety