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June 30, 2017

The second stop of the PWC in Nis, Serbia came to an end on Saturday. Ozone Team pilot, Yassen Savov, reports:

“We had a good week of racing in Nis. First two days saw no one in goal, with the first group waiting for retrieve at random patches of doom and gloom mid-course, looking up scanning the sky for hours, hoping not too many of those cheeky late-comers go too much further, killing the points. Then next two days weather was proper good and lots of us made it to goal, me winning both days at good speed. Finally, the last day wind was close to the limit, but conditions in the air proved good enough to blast to the end of that task as well, with the meet director stopping it only after the first ones made it to goal.
At the end it was French World Cup veteran Stéphane Drouin (Enzo 3) who was smooth and consistent enough to get the overall win, beating me (Enzo 3) by one point, and Arnaud Baumy by a few more. With the women, it was the Japanese who dominated the podium, Atsuko Yamashita (Zeno) and Yuki Sato first and second, and young French machine Méryl Delferrière (Zeno) third. Team-wise, Ozone won comfortably.
I feel that Pepe Malecki also deserves a mention for his flying. In all the first four tasks we flew together, pushing with quality. So, even though he bombed out in the last task, sinking his overall results sheet from 4th to 27th, he’s still top of my sheet. It was a pleasure to share those lines with you, man!
Those lines which we drew on our brand new racing machines. Our Enzo 3’s are flying beautifully and it feels good and simple and as intuitive as sex. So allow me to use this occasion to send a personal note to all the boys in the R-and-D team, mainly Luc and Russ and Hono: I salute you, gentlemen. You’ve made a work of beauty, and it allows me to express myself with pleasure.
Next – World Championships in Feltre, Italy. Wish us some good weather over there, so we can make these new wings talk again”
For full results, click here
Congrats to all the pilots, and cheers from all the team at OZONE.