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The ZENO is ready to order

August 30, 2016

The all new Zeno is certified EN D in sizes S, MS, and ML. The ML size is available to order now, and we expect the S and MS sizes to be available for order in mid to late September.

The Zeno represents the cutting edge of OZONE paraglider R&D. This highly advanced design bridges the gap between the Enzo and Mantra series, providing an option for expert pilots who are ready to move up from the Mantra M6 and other wings in its class to a true 2-liner. The Zeno gains from the pedigree of both classic wings, resulting in a glider that sits well in both worlds. With an aspect of 6.9, its performance is amazingly similar to the Enzo 2, but comfort and behaviour are closer to an M6.

We are very excited to release the Zeno and look forward to hearing your experiences. Cheers from all the team!