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Lex Robe’ wins Overall World XContest with his M6

December 17, 2015

Austrian XC Crack, Lex Robe’, is the 2015 World XContest Champion, flying his Mantra M6. Lex’s top six flights were all FAI triangles, the smallest one being 249.87km, and the largest being 268.21km. We have seen a lot of XC flying happen in our time, and we have to say that having six 250km triangles in a single season is extremely impressive. Nice work, Lex! And thanks for flying Ozone. Also, judging by this little edit that Lex put together, his flying skills are rivaled by his video editing skills.

Lex’s score, and flights, can be seen here on XContest.org, at the top of the list.

Cheers from all the Team, we hope the southern hemisphere XC season is a good one for those of you who can be there.