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The 16th FAI European Championship in Nis, Serbia, has concluded with six valid tasks. It was a hotly contested event flown in challenging conditions. During the last task, Ozone designer, Luc Armant, crossed the speed section 1 min and 36 sec ahead of Maxime Pinot, who had led the race since day one. This gave Luc the necessary points to win the championship at the final moment.

Luc’s consistency along the competition was the key to his win. Maxime Pinot took second, followed by Ozone R&D pilot, Honorin Hamard, in third. All flew the Enzo 3. Luc and Honorin flew the new Ozone Submarine harness.  

In the women’s category, Ozone team pilot, Meryl Delferriere, took top honors. She also finished 7th in the Overall. 

France was the winning nation, followed by the Czech Republic and Italy.

The new European champion, Luc Armant reports: 

“This European championship in Serbia has been the best FAI competition I have participated in so far, both in term of flying and spirit. Great organizers, great spirit between pilots and between teams. Great tasks with high cloud base over mixt terrain of hills and flats, some of them tricky but still reasonably safe.

On a personal level, I did not try to win this comp but instead just wanted

to ensure points for the team without taking too much strategic risk. I’m

very cautious in this sort of terrain that I still struggle to predict.

Similar to my recent other victories, I was lucky that things aligned on the last day, to finally catch up the overall leader. On top of luck, I was also helped by a great team communication, a great coach,

a wing that I know very well (and has won all major events since 5 years)

and the extra glide given by the submarine”

For full results visit: https://civlcomps.org/event/ECHSerbia/results

Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from all the Ozone Team.


The PWC in Krushevo, Macedonia has come to an end after seven valid tasks.

Ozone team pilot, Baptiste Lambert , was the overall winner followed by his teammate Charles Cazaux in second. They flew the Enzo 3 & the Submarine. Third place went to Daniel Tyrkas, also flying the Enzo 3.

In the women’s category, Constance Mettetal took the win followed by Keiko Hiraki (Enzo 3) and Kirsty Cameron (Zeno 2) in third. 

The team winner was the OZONE Team. 

PWC’s Ruth Jessop reports:

With another day of blue skies and lots of sunshine a fast 85 km corridor task was set taking the pilots south, almost to Greece.

With initial climbs maxing out at 2600m, the day and subsequently today’s task started with a super gaggle all compressed tightly up against each other before the start opened and the mass of wings descended onto turn point one as one huge mass.

Ping-ponging between turn point one and two the group held its form well, but at the transition to the third turn point the flats appeared to be the crux and soon enough the gaggle became two and some scattered stragglers.

There were some great climbs in the flats up to 4.5ms and, while not all were as giving, there was an abundance of lift.

The lead gaggle had put some space between themselves and the second gaggle by the transition to the last turn point. True to form this week. the leaders got stuck just before the end of speed and were overtaken by the following gaggle, radically changing the scores. 

The final glide was buoyant and provided a lifty line in for many and a full bar ride to ESS before a glory glide to goal.

What an amazing week. This is only the second time we have had a seven-task competition in Europe. The pilots flew a cumulative 70618 km, more than 1.75 times around the world.

What a stunning performance from Baptiste Lambert winning his third World Cup here in Krushevo. He was in the top 2 in 5 out of the 7 tasks! This morning he knew that he could stay in bed and still win.

Charles Cazaux improved on his 3rd place, in the 2012 World Cup here in Krushevo, by coming 2nd this time.

Well done to Constance Mettetal winning her third World Cup, coming 5th overall in task 6.

Keiko Hiraki was 2nd lady here in 2014, and 2nd lady here again in 2022.

The pilots enjoyed an amazing variety of scenery from lakes, hills and mountains to the wide expanse of corn fields and sun flowers smiling up at them.

Thank you to the people of Krushevo for letting us share their beautiful village and their wonderful blue skies”

For Full results go to: https://live.pwca.org/scores

Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from the Ozone Team.

Photos courtesy of Paragliding World Cup – PWCA

New ROADRUNNER – ground handling wing

The Roadrunner is an easy to use and highly forgiving paraglider that is designed specifically, and only, for ground-handling training. It is optimized for use in wind speeds that are too high to practice with a standard sized paraglider, but is also easy to use in light or zero wind conditions.

Schools will love the ease of use and the cost-savings. Save your “flight” wings for flying, instead of wearing them out for ground-handling. The Roadrunner was designed from the start with price in mind, with the goal to increase training efficiency while lowering costs for schools.

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Alex Yaschenko Repatriation Fund

On 28 September, Alex Yaschenko, was involved in a paragliding accident in the Hunza Valley, Pakistan. Despite many years paragliding experience as one of Australia’s top pilots, as well as having flown extensively in this area several years prior, Alex experienced a collapse soon after take-off and suffered a significant impact on landing.

Please help out by donating whatever you can, no matter how small. Every cent counts, and every dollar gets him closer to home. 

Click here to make a donation


After winning the first stop of the Spanish League in Algodonales, Ozone team pilot Felix Rodriguez continues to dominate the national league by winning the second event in his home state, Castilla de La Mancha. 

He reports: 

Caudete is the last town between Castilla de La Mancha and Valencia. It is located in the beginning of the main plato of  La Mancha. It is the first time that the Spanish league has been held in this area, even though this zone offers a massive potential for XC flying.

We flew 4 out of 4 days of competition, with great conditions and high cloud base. Actually we had to be careful and avoid to pass the maximum altitude restriction. 

I led the comp from the 2nd day only a few points ahead of Mika and Wilfred. On day three Wilfred won the task, but received a penalty for breaking the max altitude. The last day was a fast task of 60 km in which the lead gaggle pushed bar 15 km from goal barely making it to final line. In the end I won the task to get the final points to win the comp. It was an honor to win at home! ”

For full results, Click here.

Congrats and Cheers from all the Ozone Team.

Seiko Crushes the PWC

At the most recent PWC event in Disentis, Switzerland, Ozone team pilot Seiko Fukuoka Naville delivered what is probably the all-time best performance of any woman in the history of paragliding competition. Almost one thousand points ahead of the second place woman, Seiko finished in 20th place overall, beating the vast majority of the men while flying with a serious speed disadvantage.

Ozone pilots took 6 out of the top 10 spots, with Stefan Wyss in second place overall flying his Enzo 2, just behind fellow local Chrigel Maurer. The local Swiss flew well, as usual, sweeping the top four spots. The competition was, by all accounts, a beautiful event in a stunning locale!

Overall results, and women’s.

Cheers, from all the Team.

Ozone Pilots Sweep Podium, Win 9/10 Top Spots

The hotly contested Trofeo Montegrappa, at Bassano, saw a podium sweep and nine out of the top ten pilots all flying the Ozone Enzo 2. The full results are available in this PDF.

Luc Armant said, “The competition has been great with fantastic spring conditions. We ran three fast and furious tasks with most of the best European pilots in attendance.”

Congrats to Seiko Fukuoka for capturing first in the women’s and to Ulrich Prinz for topping the men’s podium. Cheers from the team!

Australia Bright & Corryong Open Report – 2015

Our friends at Fly Ozone Australia sent us a rundown of the recently completed Bright and Corryong Open events:

Every 2nd year the Bright and Corryong Opens are held consecutively and provides 2 weeks of solid racing in 2 locations. This year we were able to fly 5 valid tasks in Bright and 5 at Corryong losing only 3 days to weather and unfavourable conditions to race in.

Both locations boast strong thermic conditions and launches that can quickly put all pilots in the air safely. All but one task was a race to goal. The task committee, comprising Gareth Carter, Geoff Wong and Brian Webb in Bright and Gareth Carter, Geoff Wong and Wally Arcidiacono in Corryong set challenging and technical tasks that offered superb racing in what are 2 of the best flying locations in Australia.

In the Bright Open Jouni Makkonen from Finland, flying an Ozone Mantra M6, secured 1st place in the Open, disrupting a 4 year run by Gareth Carter for 2nd place. Ivan Anissimov placed 3rd on an Enzo 2. In the top 10, 5 Pilots were flying Ozone wings.

Kari Roberson placed 1st in the Women’s category and 22nd overall with Woo Young Jang from Korea in 2nd on an Ozone LM5, and Meredyth Malocsay from the US in 3rd, and Kirsten Seeto, from Australia, flying a Delta2 in 4th place.

In the Fun, Sports and Serial classes the Rush 4s, Delta 2s, Alpina 2s and Mantra M6s represented strongly.

Fly Ozone Australia operated a gear store and repair facility during the comp and was very busy helping pilots be ready for the next days tasks flying with line and wing repairs and gear maintenance – the local wedge tail eagles providing the catalyst for some of the more exciting moments and stories at the bar 🙂

Results can be found here:
Bright Open 2015 results
Corryong Open 2015 results

Thanks for the report! Congrats to all the pilots, and cheers from all the Team.