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The Bullet 009 Series is now in Stock!

10월 30, 2008

Right now, our factory is building a stock of Bullet 009 and Bullet GT’s. This means that if you order now, you will have your 2009 Bullet or Bullet GT in your hands within a couple of weeks, well in time for winter speed riding or spring high-wind soaring, depending on where you live.

There are a lot of new developments in the Ozone Speed range this year – after a lot of work, and a lot of progress, the result is simple… 2 wings, in a wide range of sizes (7.7m to 16m).

The Bullet 009 is the same versatile wing as the Bullet 008, with a few upgrades and a new 16m size for the big guys, and for pilots who want to have a wider flight range when foot launching. The 10m, 12m, and 14m sizes are as ideal for ski launching as they are for foot launching, depending on your in flight weight.

The Bullet GT is a totally new wing, and a totally new design. A carefully planned hybrid between skydiving parachute and the existing Bullet 009, the GT has a steeper trim, full diagonals, a lower aspect ratio, and no mylar in the leading edge. All of these things give the wing less glide performance and higher speed, particularly in turns. So when you bank it up, the GT carves down the hill as much as you want it to, keeping you in the action. The GT is available only in the 7.7m and 9.8m sizes.

People have been asking us for a competition speed flying wing, and the GT is not that – it is still more manageable and easier to launch than the extreme skydiving wings that are winning comps, but that’s fine with us. We want to have fun and speed fly in the mountains, not to chase sticks on a race course. That’s just our philosophy… and you’re welcome to come along with us if you want, we’d love to share the mountain with you!

Cheers from all the Team.