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7월 21, 2018

The Portuguese paragliding Nationals took place from July 6th to the 12th in La Serra do Larouco, Montalegre.
After five valid tasks, the new Portuguese Champion is Tabanez Fonseca, followed by Pedro Moreira and Pedro Neves. All flying Enzo 3s. Eight out of the top ten pilots on the overall flew Ozone.
For full results click HERE
Larouco is now hosting the 2018 European Paragliding Championship from July 16th to the 28th. On Wednesday, The first task  was canceled due to overdevelopment on the course line.
Yesterday’s task was a 55 Km Race to goal in which Ozone Team Pilot, Felix Rodriguez, went for a solo mission at the end of the race arriving at goal with five minutes ahead of the pack.

Stay tuned for more on The 2018 European PG Championship. Follow the results, click HERE