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After two years of testing, countless prototypes, and hundreds of hours test flying, the Mantra was born. Our aim was to produce a top-level competition and XC wing, within the DHV 2-3 category and we feel we have achieved this with the Mantra.

The glider’s evolution saw several different planforms, many lineplans, and different concepts of sail tension. Finding the right balance between performance and the trademark OZONE handling was difficult, but has been achieved through carefully moderating the amount of sail tension to provide a comfortable feeling in flight, and by creating a turn that is precise and direct, despite the wings’ high aspect ratio.

The Mantra provides a sensation of constant lift, whether in a turn, calm air, or turbulence, the glider cuts smoothly through the atmosphere. This is a result of combining a high lift profile and clean, efficient planform to produce the highest performance and sweetest handling wing in this category.

After many prototypes, the profile of the Mantra was chosen for it’s ideal sink rate throughout the speed range and it’s pitch stability.

The planform of the Mantra is its own new design. Special attention was placed on the wingtips of the glider, which have been designed to allow maximum lift, and minimum interference and drag at higher speeds. Special attention was placed on optimising the sail tension to gain the best balance between safety, handling and comfort. The use of the full span D strap and carefully placed diagonals has allowed us to maintain the tension in the structure of the wing rather than the leading and trailing edges.

Careful selection of materials within the construction of the Mantra has allowed us to fully optimize the design. The Mantra is constructed entirely from Porcher Marine- with a top surface of Porcher 9092 E85A. The riser lines are a special new UV treated line from Edelrid- 8000-230-UV1, 1,2mm in diameter. The line attatchment points have been reduced to a minimum to reduce parasitic drag near the profile for increased glide performance.

The Mantra is incredibly efficient, while retaining high passive safety and precision in flight. Its solid characteristics will inspire confidence in your flying and will carry you to the furthest goals, in the mountains or over the flatlands, anywhere in the world.


Mantra Colour Options


Dein OZONE Schirm wird standardmäßig mit dem folgenden Zubehör ausgeliefert::

You may choose to add something to your order, such as: Saucisse Bag (video) (concertina packing bag), Glider Backpack, Easy Bag (quick stuff sack), or OZONE Clothing and Accessories.


No of cells 59 59 59 59
Area Proj. 20.59 22.34 24.45 27.03
Area Flat 24.03 26.07 28.58 31.53
Span Proj. 9.60 10.00 10.47 11.00
Span Flat 12.02 12.52 13.10 13.78
AR Proj. 4.48 4.48 4.48 4.48
AR Flat 6.02 6.02 6.02 6.02
Root Chord 2.49 2.60 2.72 2.86
Glider Weight (kg) 5.3 5.6 6.0 6.3
In flight weight Range* 70-87 82-102 97-117 112-135
DHV 2-3 2-3 2-3 2-3
* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.


  • Cloth
  • Top surface - Porcher 9092 E85A. This is Porcher’s cloth with the highest longevity whilst giving a weight saving over using Galvenor.
  • Bottom surface - Porcher 9017 E38A classic
  • Ribs - Mix of Porcher 9092 and 9017 E29 classic

  • Lines:
  • The Mantra’s line plan is the ideal arrangement for minimum drag. Thin lines and low-profile attachment points were chosen to minimize drag, but durability was kept in mind in order to ensure the gliders longevity and strength. The uppers are Dyneema (Lyros DC60 0.6mm) which are known for having a longer lifespan than other lines of similar diameter, and the riser lines are a new high-tech UV-treated line from from Edelrid (8000-230-UV1, 1.2mm). This coating and line diameter combination was developed by Hans Bausenwein of Germany, who has been involved with OZONE since the beginning of the company. The UV coating on these lines greatly increases their lifespan.
  • Risers asn Hardware:

  • Shackles; high quality micros maillons from Maillon Rapide
  • Riser Webbing; pre-stretched Dyneema
  • Pulleys; Austri Alpin aliminium light weight mini pulleys with brass roller
  • You can download the spec sheet and line plan here