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Australia Bright & Corryong Open Report – 2015

Februar 28, 2015

Our friends at Fly Ozone Australia sent us a rundown of the recently completed Bright and Corryong Open events:

Every 2nd year the Bright and Corryong Opens are held consecutively and provides 2 weeks of solid racing in 2 locations. This year we were able to fly 5 valid tasks in Bright and 5 at Corryong losing only 3 days to weather and unfavourable conditions to race in.

Both locations boast strong thermic conditions and launches that can quickly put all pilots in the air safely. All but one task was a race to goal. The task committee, comprising Gareth Carter, Geoff Wong and Brian Webb in Bright and Gareth Carter, Geoff Wong and Wally Arcidiacono in Corryong set challenging and technical tasks that offered superb racing in what are 2 of the best flying locations in Australia.

In the Bright Open Jouni Makkonen from Finland, flying an Ozone Mantra M6, secured 1st place in the Open, disrupting a 4 year run by Gareth Carter for 2nd place. Ivan Anissimov placed 3rd on an Enzo 2. In the top 10, 5 Pilots were flying Ozone wings.

Kari Roberson placed 1st in the Women’s category and 22nd overall with Woo Young Jang from Korea in 2nd on an Ozone LM5, and Meredyth Malocsay from the US in 3rd, and Kirsten Seeto, from Australia, flying a Delta2 in 4th place.

In the Fun, Sports and Serial classes the Rush 4s, Delta 2s, Alpina 2s and Mantra M6s represented strongly.

Fly Ozone Australia operated a gear store and repair facility during the comp and was very busy helping pilots be ready for the next days tasks flying with line and wing repairs and gear maintenance – the local wedge tail eagles providing the catalyst for some of the more exciting moments and stories at the bar 🙂

Results can be found here:
Bright Open 2015 results
Corryong Open 2015 results

Thanks for the report! Congrats to all the pilots, and cheers from all the Team.