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The 3rd FAI Paragliding Aerobatic World Championships, in Trasaghis, Italy: Ozone team pilot, Horacio Llorens, and his cousin, Raul Rodriguez, won the gold medal in the synchronized category, and Horacio took silver in the solo category.

Raul, the first ever World Champion in 2006, finished the event in a cast covering a broken fibula after a hard landing in the raft.

Six time World Tour Champion, Horacio Llorens, reports:
“These medals are really meaningful to me. Gold in Synchro with my cousin and master Raul Rodriguez who taught me everything in this sport. Silver in Solo, two years after my accident, I can’t be happier with this result. My country took bronze in the Nations ranking thanks to great team work with @pabloandreu89 , @alvacromr and @raul_rodriguez_acro. Congratulations to the Solo World Champion Bicho Carrera who gave his best and proved he has a bright future. A massive congrats to Luke De Weert, the best newcomer to join the most important podium, well done bro!

Thanks to all the pilots and the organizers for such a great event. I can’t forget my love @mariaduelo who supported me in such a difficult and long competition. And of course special thanks to Ozone Paragliders who prepared a new proto Session15m for me in a record time to be ready for this competition!
Now it’s time to go back to Organya, for what? To keep training of course!
-Va por ti Alejandro- 🥇🥈🥉

Congrats Horacio and cheers from all the Ozone Team!

Video by Allen Candela



マグナム3は ”基礎から”全く新しいデザインです。マグナム3の詳細はマグナム3のページをご覧ください。


Ozone Team pilot, Pal Takats, has dedicated his life to acro paragliding. He is a three time overall World Cup winner, and has spent almost 20 years refining his instructional technique. This video series is the culmination of his life’s work.

These videos will teach you the skills that all pilots should master. Learning these techniques will unleash the full potential of your flying abilities, and make you a safer pilot.

Go to The Master Acro Series page for more.




福岡聖子とシャルル・カゾーは知識を分かち合う使命に燃えています。彼らのビデオシーリーズは、空を読み空気の動きを理解したり、最良のXCラインや適切なフライト速度を見つけたり、上昇する秘訣と言った色々なトピックスをカバーしていく予定です。これらのトピックスの多くに共通していることはグライダーのコントロールです。高度な技術であなたの技量レベルをサポートすることでより多くの状況をよりストレスを感じずに対処できるように手助けをしてくれることでしょう。アクロ並びにフリースタイルフライトはあなたのレベルを向上させ、より効率よくグライダーを操作させるための素晴らしい手段です。ここでは聖子とシャルルがヘリコプターのテクニックについて説明しています。エアーリンク・オンライン・アカデミーの 第2作をお楽しみください。



Check out the latest informative video for the DELTA 3.

Our mission for the DELTA 3 was to take the handling and “Sport-Performance Class feeling” to new levels and increase the speed and glide performance, without increasing the aspect ratio. The result is a wing that feels more agile and efficient in active air or while thermalling, has noticeably increased performance, and is every bit as pleasurable to fly. The OZONE philosophy of True Performance can be felt in the DELTA 3 with every ascending carve and accelerated glide. Enjoy the video for more info from the designers, and
visit the product page for full details.

エアリンクス オンラインアカデミー

福岡聖子とシャルル・カゾーがエアリンクス オンラインアカデミー(AOA)を立ち上げました。