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June 28, 2019

The world's toughest adventure race has come to an end. From the 9000m of vertical ascent athletes completed in Switzerland, to the long-distance flights across the main spine of the Alps, the 2019... 続きを読む

X-ALPS: 2019

June 17, 2019

The 9th edition of the Red Bull X-Alps is once again the world's toughest adventure race.  Starting in Salzburg, the course will cross the borders of 6 countries via 13 Turnpoints before arriving... 続きを読む

1,200 km by Paraglider: The Endless Chain

April 8, 2019

1,200 km by Paraglider: Ozone Team pilot, Benjamin Jordan pushes his mind and body to the absolute limit during the most daring series of Rocky Mountain flights in history. For more on this incredible... 続きを読む


April 2, 2019

While the PWC crew was gearing up in Brazil, Wayne Seeley & friends were chasing the first XC window of the year in the UK. Wayne reports: “The UK season finally kicked off. On March 24th, the... 続きを読む

After ten days of intense racing, The 17th FAI Paragliding World Championship in Krushevo, Macedonia has come to an end.
Ozone pilots swept the podium and top 8 spots.
The New World Champion is Joachim Oberhauser, of Italy. Silver goes to Gleb Suhotskiy of Russia and the Bronze medal was awarded to Ozone R&D Team pilot Honorin Hamard @honoflywithme, of France, who led the first half of the race. All flew the Enzo 3.
In the Women’s category Ozone pilots swept the top five. Ozone Team pilot Meryl Delferriere @meryldelferriere, of France, took gold. Meryl not only dominated the Women’s race from the start, but also finished 14th overall. Yael Margelisch, of Switzerland, and Kari Ellis, of Australia, joined her in the podium. All flew the Enzo 3.
In the Nations, the fight was tight with France leading most of the race. In the end France and Italy shared first place, followed by Japan.
Eighteen out of the top 20 overall flew the Enzo 3.

For full results: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/

Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from all the team at OZONE
Podiums imagines courtesy of FAI PG World Championship
Aerial images courtesy of @xevi.bonet
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“Despite fairly overcast skies this morning, a 92 km corridor task was set. Today’s task setting was once again excellent with pilots spread out all along the optimum route.

The conditions got better and better as cloud base lifted, although for a lot of pilots, today was summed up as ‘too low, too slow.’ It was a very bumpy day with thermals which didn’’t go straight up. In the second part of the race the thermals were very weak. Marco Busetta (ITA) took a different line and tagged the fifth turn point much further north than everyone else on his own. He got a lot of height and was then unbeatable as he crossed the ESS, the other pilots were still on their way to the fifth turn point. Marco took the lead just after the fifth turn point. He got to goal 13 minutes ahead of everyone else with 100% of the available lead-out points, rather a crushing victory, leading to a discard day for many.

99 pilots made goal with the fastest average speed round being 35 km/h”

With one more day to go Joachim Oberhauser (ITA) and Meryl Delferriere (FRA) are leading the race.

And the top 3 nations are: 1st ITALY, 2nd FRANCE, 3rd JAPAN .

For full results visit: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/

Stay tuned for more.
Report courtesy of Ruth Jessop.

Image by Ozone team pilot Xevi Bonet @xevi.bonet
“Today started off with 95% cloud cover and not much hope of a task.

The most important part of today’s 65 km task was a concentric circle around the best thermals in the plains avoiding the cloud development in the mountains. Those arriving in the middle later had the choice to either follow those going west or do something different and go east. They had already lost out on the lead out points, so it didn’t matter that they were against the wind, going slower, not getting as many lead out points. However, going east did seem to be the fastest route. By the time 149 pilots had gone through the concentric circle, all points of the compass had been tried and we had surprisingly good conditions in the second half of the day. What should have been a straight line to ESS even ended up with different route options”

The winner of task 8 was Ferdinand Vogel (GER) followed by Jurij Vidic (SLO) in second.
Ozone Team pilot, Meryl Delferriere @meryldelferriere (FRA) not only won his fifth task in the Women’s category but also finished in third place overall.

For full results visit: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/

Two more days to go, Stay tuned for more on the PG World Championship.
Report courtesy of Ruth Jessop.
In the video: in transition with Pal Takáts @paltakats to whom we wish a speedy recovery
Ozone team pilot, Francis Reina @francis.reina , aka “El Niño”, took the win at the two most recent XC comps in Spain.
His first victory was the Spanish XC Championship in Zarza Capilla, a spectacular XC site with great conditions during the event. Francis won all three days with flights of 281, 174 and 171 kms respectively.
From there, El Niño continued to choose the right lines, winning the last stop of the Spanish Championship in Arangoiti. Due to bad weather the event was relocated to Castejón de Sos for the final tasks.
Francis reports:
“The conditions in Castejón were incredible, rising to 5000 meters in the Pyrenees and flying at a very high average speed. I won the first task in Arangoiti and the third task in Castejón and in the end I took the win again!”
Francisco is now in Macedonia representing the Spanish team, together with Ozone team pilots Felixin Rodriguez @feliximbol and Xevi Bonet @xevi.bonet. They are currently in third place, but only a few points behind the leaders.
Congrats Francis and Cheers from all the Ozone Team.

Photo by @xevi.bonet
“Another blue day dawned. A 98 km task was set taking the pilots on a tour of the plains with mountain options.

The mountain option was the most popular choice to the first turn point then it was a fast race out in the flats with top speeds of over 80 km/h. Unfortunately, the final glide put paid to a lot of pilots hopes of consolidating their overall top ten place with only four of the top ten this morning making goal. As Mitch Riley @mitchintheair explained, ‘Every day pilots have been cutting it really fine then getting a climb near ESS if they needed it. Today they made the same calculation but there was more north east wind low down than all along the course, so their glide was much worse than they expected. So those who realised this soonest and stopped to climb got to goal.’ 95 pilots made goal and a further 34 very nearly made goal. The average speed of the fastest pilot was 38km/h”

Wednesday is rest day, The 16th FAI Wold Paragliding Championship will be back on Thursday.

For full results visit: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/

Report courtesy of Ruth Jessop
Photo by Ozone Team pilot Xevi Bonet @xevi.bonet
Crestline locals share their experience of free flight.
By Fort Gregory Outdoor Company @fortgregoryoutdoorco ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Watch the full CLIP, Hit the Link in BIO
"Today the task committee has been trying to split up the supergaggle and make a more challenging task.  Success!  A 130 km task with a massive exit cylinder allowed pilots to take the mountains on either side of the valley, take the flats, or choose a combination of the above.  Stable conditions, climbs rarely over 2,000m and 30+kmh of south wind on course, made for challenging flying.  Two thirds of the pilots landed before the half way mark, and zero pilots made goal.  5 pilots flew till task closed, and as of this writing it looks like Petra Silvova won the day.  Well done Petra!  Thanks for the challenge task committee!  We are past the half way mark in the comp, and I find myself filled with joyous anticipation of 4 more tasks in this amazing place with these spectacular pilots." Report courtesy of Ozone Team pilot, Mitch Riley @mitchintheair
For full results visit: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/

Photo by Xevi Bonet @xevi.bonet
Task 5-FAI Paragliding Worlds, Krushevo. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
"With a totally blue day and a bit more wind than previous days, a downwind task was on the menu. A 99km corridor task was set crisscrossing the plains, giving route choices, risking the flats before they started working properly or head for the longer, surer mountain route. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Today was a difficult, tactical task but once again it was amazing to see how easy the gaggle made this task look. We saw the gaggles spread out much more than in previous tasks. But somethings never change, Honorin Hamard @honoflywithme was once again first across End of Speed today and taking into consideration the lead out points, this gave him his third task win of the competition, first equal with Tilen Ceglar who has won two tasks in the competition so far"
For full results visit: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/
Text courtesy of Ruth Jessop
In the video: A valley climb with Ozone team pilot Felix Rodriguez @feliximbol
Task 4-FAI Paragliding Worlds, Krushevo. A 112 km task was set zig zagging south, with a great mix of flats and mountains.

The first part of the race took the pilots over the hills to Baba Mountain before heading out into the flats. Clouds were scarce so it was a day of cloud hoping the few that were available with super, smooth, thermals. The last part of the race gave different options, but as big blue holes opened up to the west of the course line, racing down the flats was the best option.

Well done to the 124 pilots who made goal in today’s marathon.
Today’’s fastest average speed round the course was 34 km/h.

Julien Wirtz (FRA) was the winner of the task followed by Ozone’s Felix Rodriguez (ESP) @feliximbol in second and Gleb Sukhotskiy (RUS) in third.
Keiko Hiraki (JPN) was the winner of the Women’s category. All flying Enzo 3s.
For full results visit: http://pgworlds2019.mk/live/results/

Stay tuned for more on this exciting race.

In the video: Coring the thermal with Ozone Team pilot Pal Takats @paltakats


January 22, 2019

サポートなし。荒られていない。手付かずの。2017年、1000kmに及ぶビバークフライトでカナダのロッキー山脈を縦断したベンジャミン・ジョーダンは彼の情熱を彼の故郷の前人未到の山脈を探索するという次なるレベルへと押し上げました。 この夏ベンジャミンはロッキー山脈の全長に渡って前例のない1200kmをアメリカ合衆国から北ブリティッシュコロンビアまで飛んだ最初の人になることに挑戦しました。この信じられない冒険を味合うために今週我々に付き合ってください。 ストーリーはオゾンのインスタグラムおよびフェースブックで。 驚くべき冒険の詳細はエンドレスチェーンのHPで。... 続きを読む


May 29, 2018

この春はイギリスにかなり良いコンディションをもたらしたようです。我々の友人であるウエイン・シーリーが母国における壮大な週末について語っています: 「5月19日、土曜日は快晴で弱い風の予報で明け、エクセレントチームは105kmの宣言三角コースを試みることにしました。11時に我々のトーイングサイトから離陸し、すぐに上昇しターンポイント1に向かって進みました。最初の20kmは良い積雲があり順調に進みましたが、次には雲のない40kmを横切らなければなりませんでした。がこれもとても順調にいき、ターンポイント2に近づくとまたしても積雲に到達し、十分な強いリフトでコッツオルドエッジ沿いに6000フィートまで上昇し4人がゴールすることができました。ウエイン・シーリー(ゼノ)、グラハム・スティール(ゼノ)、ギー・アンダーソン(エンツオ3)そしてリチャード・オズボーン(ゼノ)で、最初の2人は5時間で三角コースを締めくくりました。翌日も風は強めでしたが似たようなコンディションで、我々の何人かはゼノの向かい風での絶大なる性能のおかげで85kmの三角コースを達成することができました。」 トラックログはここで:ウエイン、グラハムそしてリチャード。 オゾンチーム全員から祝福します。... 続きを読む


May 21, 2018

オゾンチームパイロットのコディ・ミッタンクがZアルプスとオジウム2をテストする機会となった最近のネヴァダへの旅のレポートを送ってきたところです。 コディ曰く: 「ネヴァダスタン。この名前は乾燥した、荒涼とした砂漠で道もなく携帯の電波もない、かろうじて生き残った小さな埃っぽい鉱山の町で地元の人が外国語をしゃべっているといったイメージをほうふつさせる。しかしそんなことはなかった。地元の人は不可解な英語を話したが、干上がった湖の真ん中で私のソルトレイクシティーの家よりも4Gの電波状況は良かった。しかしいずれにせよ、それは冒険であり、飛行機に乗らずに経験できるものでした。春の砂漠でのフライトでバリオが14m/sと普通の2倍の値を示すような減率で、雲底から1000m下でリフトから離れたにもかかわらず雲に吸い込まれ、雪が降りだし、雄大積雲を避けて90度進路変更を余儀なくされた。おしっこチューブが凍ったと聞いたことはありませんでしたが、実際に凍ります。私の指先はいまだに感覚がありません。このようなコンディションであったにもかかわらずZアルプスに乗っていてそれが如何に快適であったかは信じられないほどです。翼端がわずかでも潰れることさえ一度もなく2ライナーのフィードバック(と性能)を持っていました。戦っていくうえで最新のものに乗っていることが重要だと感じているので、これまで4年間、大会やXCでエンツオに乗ってきました。長いXCフライトでエンツオを飛ばすことは少々操作が必要であることは言うまでもありませんし、Zアルプスだけに乗っていてはエンツオに要求される集中力を失ってしまうのではないかと心配しましたが…正直に言うと、ネヴァダでZアルプスを飛んだことほど春の活発なコンディションでこれほど楽しいフライトを経験したことはありませんでした。」... 続きを読む


May 14, 2018

ANTOINE GIRARD’S MASSIVE VOL-BIV Antoine Girard and Martin Beaujouan-Berger have concluded their epic journey in South America. Their 1600km adventure took some unexpected turns through the Andes. In Antoine’s words: “The... 続きを読む