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Bullet 122, 144, and ATAK Harness available for order now from your local Ozone Dealer !

Januar 31, 2007


As with all of our products, we would prefer to finish a little late than to release it before it is truly perfect.

The following features set the Bullet apart from the competition:

VGA – Variable Glide Angle – The Bullet has a very wide brake range, which makes trimmers totally unnecessary. The vast brake range means that you can make huge adjustments to your glide and speed – with your brakes. In our testing, we realized that trimmers are useless and only make launching more complicated because of the weight that they add to the risers. Also, trimmers do not improve the safety of the wing at all! The Bullet’s brake range is so vast that if you want to fly fast, simply fly at trim (hands up). If you want to slow down, or improve your glide ratio, add brake.

Progressive Brake Travel: The brake travel is longer and more progressive than any other speed flying wing available, and there are no ‘surprises’ at the spin or stall point.

Handling: The Bullet is a wing for pilots who appreciate the beauty of a carving turn, and the perfect balance between roll and yaw. The Bullet was designed by Rob Whittall, the master of handling. You have to fly it to believe it.

Glide Angle: Speed Flying is a sport in which the pilot is meant to carve turns and enjoy the handling of the wing. Flying in a straight line might be fun on your first flight, but very soon you are going to want to feel the pleasure of a wing that performs well in a turn, and has good glide performance when you need it. At trim, the Bullet’s glide angle is better than many other speed flying wings. This gives you the option to glide out away from terrain or make longer flights. If you wish to decrease your glide angle, just turn.

Lines: After trying both, we chose to use traditional sheathed Kevlar lines. The sheathing of these lines protects the core, and the quality of our line-stitching prevents tangles resulting from ‘non-braided’ line ends. After thousands of launches we have had virtually no knots or tangles.

Lightweight, simple risers: Extra features cost extra weight, and make launching extra complicated. Keep it simple and safe! You can be sucked in by gimmicks and extras, or you can try simplicity and feel the difference. You are the pilot, trust your feelings and fly it before you buy it!

Price: Our own factory and 6 years of experience in snow-kite manufacturing enables us to keep our prices at a reasonable level. The Bullet is just 1100 Euros incl VAT for the wing only, and 1350 Euros incl VAT for the wing and the Atak Harness together.