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Logos personalizados

Logos personalizados

“I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on our entire school and tandem fleet, all of our staff, our sponsor, our clients, and our students are just stunned with the new wings. You guys are setting the standard of quality as high as it goes, thanks again.”

– Alas del Hombre, Valle de Bravo.

Our wholly owned manufacturing facility in Vietnam is one the most modern and progressive in the world. 100% of our wings and gliders accessories are manufactured there, and we are very proud of the quality of custom paraglider and kite logos that we have been creating for our customers for over a decade now.

If you would like to place an order for a custom logo wing, your local OZONE dealer can help you. What follows is some information and some guidelines for placing a logo order with us.

  1. Please be sure to have your artwork finished and saved in an Adobe Illustrator format, in an un-rasterized .AI file compatible with CS3.
  2. You must have a clear idea of how large you want your logo, and where exactly you want it placed on the wing. Use the specs table for your model of glider to decide the width and height that may be possible.
  3. There are 2 logo types: Stuck-on (using adhesive glider cloth) and Sewn-in. Sewn-in logos often look better as they allow light to pass through the cloth and therefore show the logo colours more clearly. They also do not add weight to the sail of the wing. They are more expensive than stuck-on logos. Intricate or highly detailed logos may not be suitable to be sewn. Stuck on logos cost less, but do add weight to the wing and are not suitable for logos with large areas of color. Some logos will be a combination of stuck-on and sewn-in.
  4. We cannot guarantee exact color matches but we will try to match as best as possible. We can only sew in cloth colours that we stock from our range of top surface materials.
  5. All logo gliders are built custom, we do not apply logos to stock wings.
  6. Normal fees will apply to top surface custom colour choices (ask your local OZONE dealer for custom color charges).
  7. Logo prices vary according to size and complexity of the logo. We must have finished artwork in Adobe Illustrator plus a jpg preview to quote any prices.
  8. All logo quotes must be placed through your OZONE dealer, please do not contact us directly for logo orders. When your dealer has your logo information he should speak with us to get a quote, and then let you know what is possible and at what cost.