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Polish, Czech and Slovak Paragliding Open Championships

August 3, 2015

Klaudia Bulgakow reports:
This year three Slavic countries teamed up to to have their nationals together. The best pilots from Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic came together to Krushevo, Macedonia, to race in this great place for paragliding for the title of national champion. Due to the location and combination of countries it was almost impossible for other nation’s pilots to get in.

Macedonia didn’t disappoint pilots and served the best racing conditions. Five tasks were flown of: 74.4, 94.8, 68.8, 67.4 and 57.1 km.

In the overall category the competition was dominated by Ozone pilots with the top 6 flying Enzo 2s:

1. Peter Vyparina SLO
2. Michal Gierlach POL
3. Alexiey Tarakanov RUS

Women’s ranking of competition:

1. Petra Slivova CZE
2. Klaudia Bulgakow POL (Enzo 2)
3. Dominika Kasieczko POL (Delta 2)

The new Polish Champion is Michał Gierlach (Enzo 2) with Bartosh Moszczyński (Enzo 2) in 2nd. 3rd place went ex aequo to Tomasz Janikowski (Enzo 2) and Paweł Kumorek.

The Polish female Champion is Klaudia Bulgakow, 2nd place Dominika Kasieczko and 3rd Anna Zezula.

Sport class Polish Champion became Krzysztof Zelisko (Delta 2).

The new Slovak Champion is Peter Vyparina (Enzo 2), 2nd Tomas Podmanik on his Delta 2 and 3rd is Maros Kravec flying a Delta 2.

Famale Champion Romana Schubertova.

New Czech Champion became David Ohlidal on an (Enzo 1), 2nd was Stanislav Klikar (Enzo 2) and 3rd Peter Kostrun.

Women’s Champion is Petra Slivova, 2nd was Renata Kuhnova, and 3rd was Tereza Tomickova.

For full results and a comp report see: http://airtribune.com/pcso2015/