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MAGNUM 3: Video

December 5, 2018

Wir haben den Magnum 3 für professionelle Tandem Piloten entwickelt. Dieses völlig neue Design umfasst signifikante Upgrades in den Bereichen Strapazierfähigkeit, Komfort und einfache Handhabung mit massiven Verbesserungen wenn es ums... Read More

Das Beherrschen von Akro und Gleitschirm Manövern

August 15, 2018

Der Ozone Team Pilot Pal Takats hat sein Leben dem Akro Gleitschirmfliegen verschrieben. Er ist drei Mal Gesamtsieger des Weltcups geworden, und hat beinahe 20 Jahre damit verbracht, seine Lehrtechniken zu... Read More

Ein Video zum Rush 5

June 28, 2018

Der Rush 5 ist unser neuester, sportlicher Leistungs-Intermediate Schirm, der an der Spitze seiner Klasse einzuordnen ist. Er wurde mit der gleichen Technologie entwickelt, die auch in unsere Leistungsflügel Enzo 3... Read More


April 4, 2018

Der Alpina 3 basiert auf dem Delta 3, bringt aber  1 unglaubliches Kilogramm weniger auf die Waage! Unser Alpina 3 ist ein rundum optimierter, leichtgewichtiger Hochleistungsflügel, der in der Luft ein... Read More

Tuning in The PACIFIC...

Pilot: Loren Cox @skivvie
Photo by @jorgeatramiz
The Italian Alps 🇮🇹 Photo by Ozone Team pilot, Yassen Savov @yassen_savov
2019 X-Alps pilots, Cody Mittanck and Gavin McClurg, took their fresh Zeolites for an amazing flight in the state of Nevada.
@codymittanck @gavinmcclurg
Cody reports: "I just got back from another spring trip to Nevada with the X-Alps Team USA boys, Gavin and Willi. We did a recon trip there last summer and had some great exploratory flights. This year we knew a bit more about what to expect and the conditions we needed for a big one. According to the models, Central Nevada tends to show some of the best flying conditions so we lined up a launch to take advantage of that area. On this particular day the models showed perfect conditions for a record flight -- light surface winds, strong winds aloft, strong lift, clouds, and low CAPE. During the first half of the flight we nearly landed on each glide. The lift was extremely broken and the clouds were sparse. We hung in with the frustrating conditions because the alternative was landing in the middle of nowhere with the potential of dust devils and long walks out. With a slow average speed we pressed on crossing over long desolate basins and barren mountain ranges. It is beautiful in it's simplicity out there, yet wild, dangerous, and intimidating. The last half of the flight conditions dramatically improved. Cloud streets began forming and tailwinds pushed us 90 kph on glides. Base rose to 16k and froze camera batteries and fingers. By the end of the day we flew 305 Km. The place has much more potential, but unlike some other lines in the western US, it's not going to give it up easily.

A big part of this mission was to fly the Zeolite and give it a proper test before taking it to the X-Alps. I've been flying the Z-Alps the last couple of XC seasons and I immediately felt right at home under the Zeolite. At one point I was 50 meters off the deck trying to work an extremely rowdy desert thermal and the Zeolite never even took a tip collapse. Unbelievable that a 2-liner can be this light and still be so easy to fly”

Congrats and Cheers from all the Ozone team.

Photo by Johan Brütting
“Jaw dropping Views in Kotor , Montenegro 🇲🇪” By @jamie_lee_speedflyer
Golden afternoon under the ashes of Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico 🇲🇽. .
By @alfredomoran_photo
“One of the only constants, is change. We used to send letters that would take months to arrive in order to talk with our friends then the phone was invented, then the email. Now, you slide into my DMs. Maybe I’m oldschool but I still prefer to come to your house and knock on your roof, er, door, to see if you want to come out and play” @zach_carbo

Photo by @brianhueske
“An incredible flights in South Tirol last weekend but soooo cold at cloud base” @lissiseibt

Photo by @andyfroetscher
Glider: Alpina 3


October 18, 2017

Seiko Fukuoka und Charles Cazaux befinden sich auf der Mission, ihr Wissen auszutauschen. Ihre Videoreihe wird etliche Themen behandeln, wie das Lesen des Himmels, das Verstehen der Bewegungen in der Luft,... Read More

Das Fliegen ins Ungewisse

October 13, 2017

Das Biwakfliegen ist das Lebenselexier von Benjamin Jordan. Für ihn ist es nicht einfach nur eine extreme Methode, die Wildnis zu erkunden, sondern darüber hinaus auch eine krasse Art, sich selbst... Read More

Delta 3 Produkt Video

October 11, 2017

Wir haben ein aktuelles Info Video über den DELTA 3 für dich. Unsere Mission für den DELTA 3 bestand darin, Handling und „Sport-Leistungsklasse Gefühl“ auf einen neuen Level zu heben, und... Read More

Von Seiko Fukuoka und Charles Cazaux: Airlinks Online Academy

September 19, 2017

Seiko Fukuoka, and Charles Cazaux, present: Airlinks Online Academy. AOA is a monthly video series that was created to share Seiko and Charles’s flying knowledge with our community. Seiko’s career has... Read More