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Roadster 3 Video

May 26, 2019

Check out the latest Ozone paramotor video featuring the Roadster 3... 続きを読む


May 26, 2019

We are happy to announce that new Spark 2 is now available to order. Spark 2 is a paramotor wing designed specifically for schools and beginner pilots. With an intelligent use of materials chosen for their specific function, the Spark... 続きを読む

New Tandem wing – MagMax 2

May 14, 2019

We are happy to announce that new MagMax 2 is now available to order. The MagMax 2 is designed for professional tandem pilots. This all new design includes significant upgrades in durability, comfort, and ease, with massive improvements in the... 続きを読む

All New OZONE Rucksack

September 28, 2018

Now Launched! Our new pack is available in three volume choices: Small, for XS/S gliders, Medium, for all other sizes (including tandem wings), and Large for competition gliders. The all new design is more comfortable and easier to carry, with... 続きを読む

Nico Aubert @nicoaubert10 takes is for a ride during the Spanish Slalom Open celebrated in Bornos. Nico finished second flying his Freeride 14.
Big Congratulations to the Ozone Team for taking the podium of Spanish Slalom Open Championships which took place last few days in Bornos, Spain. This was one of the biggest slalom competitions of the season with 49 pilots competing from 9 different countries with 7 tasks flown.
Alex Mateos @mateosalexandre won flying the Freeride 14 followed by Nicolas Auberts @nicoaubert10 , also flying the Freeride 14 in 2nd place overall. Alex says: “Everything went well, the training of this year paid off. I wish we could have flown more tasks but the results are there, so I'm very happy!” The big surprise came from new Ozone Team pilot Bartek Nowicki who finished 3rd overall.
After flying Dudek for many years, polish pilot Bartek decided to change to the Ozone Freeride this season. It is a completely different wing to fly, requiring a different technique and style and despite a minimum of training he managed to win the Polish Slalom Championships earlier this year. Thank you Bartek.
Marie Mateos - the only girl amongst the top level pilots displayed her class once again, leaving behind many pilots who can only dream of getting to her level!
Maries says: “This is the first time for me that I am so close to the podium in slalom competition. I am very happy with this result, especially with 7 valid tasks where I finished 4 times in the 3rd position. Nevertheless, I think with more training I can get the podium next time”. Go for it Marie! @marie_mateos
Photos: Piotr Gelo
Ozone Team pilot, Marie Mateos follows her partner Alex Mateos closely to steal some of his slalom tricks. @marie_mateos @mateosalexandre
Once again, the Coupe Icare has come and gone, with all of the madness and excitement that one would expect from the world's largest paragliding festival.
As every year Alixa/Ozone stand was not a traditional display of Ozone branding. Our friend, Mathieu de Quillacq, always manages to set us up with something original.
This year Ozone Power revealed the latest new products: Kona 2 based on the Buzz Z6 and EN B universal paragliding and paramotor wing. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Ozone Team pilots, Alex Mateos and Nicolas Aubert participated in the Parabatix Sky Race (slalom / precision competition), which took place on plateau of St Hilaire and the landing of Lumbin during three days of the event. Both of them flew Freeride 14 and ended up on the podium winning the overall final run. Congrats to all of the pilots and thank you for a great show! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Also, on Saturday afternoon the crowds enjoyed a PPG show put on by Alex and Marie while Raffaele Benetti were presenting his new project – electric paramotor for paragliders.
Thank you to everyone who took time to visit our stand. It was great to see old friends and meet new ones.
@emiliaplak @marie_mateos @mateosalexandre @nicoaubert10 @raffaeleozone
Ozone Team Pilots, Alex and Marie Mateos share the passion of flying at the Coupe Icare 2019... See you again next year! @mateosalexandre @marie_mateos

Photo by @brunolavit @coupeicare
@mateosalexandre taking off at the Coupé Icare 2019 🎥 @emiliaplak
Contrasting colours of a contrasting seascape.
Oman 🇴🇲 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
By Seth Royce @sethroyal
Pilot: Zakariya Al Shanfari @zakshanfari
This is how Ozone's Emilia Plak celebrated her birthday a few days back.

Belated Happy Birthday Emi!!! @emiliaplak


September 27, 2018

2019年オゾンカレンダーが、オゾンディーラーでオーダー可能になりました。 A3サイズで12か月の素晴らしい写真であふれています。... 続きを読む


August 31, 2018

新しいロードスター3がオーダーできるようになったことを喜んでお知らせします。 ロードスター3は成功を収めたロードススター2から開発されたパラモーター専用のグライダーです。特にスクール卒業生を対象とする楽しく安全で扱いやすいグライダーですが初心者から経験豊富なパイロットまでの広い範囲のパイロットに適しています。講習中のスクール生および卒業したてのパイロットは非の打ちどころのない離陸特性と岩のように頑丈な安定性を評価することでしょう。一方経験豊富なクロカンパイロットは総合的な効率、性能そして俊敏性を評価することでしょう。ロードスター3は本当に万能のグライダーで、基本的なサーキットには完ぺき、壮大なクロカンおよび低高度での正確さを競うフライトには理想的です。EN-B認証による追加的安全性を享受しながら技術の進化発展を望むパイロットのためにデザインされています。 最寄りのディーラにさらなる情報、試乗、価格についてお問い合わせください! 詳細はここで。... 続きを読む

新しいシロッコ2 19

May 29, 2018

シロッコ2に新しい19サイズが追加されました。シロッコ2のより小さいサイズである19サイズは、非常に俊敏で攻撃的です。より大きなサイズのシロッコ2よりもっとダイナミックな特性を求めているがフリーライドほど難しくないものを望む経験豊富なパイロットに適しています。 エミリア・プラック曰く:「新しいシロッコ2サイズ19は毎日フライトするために理想的な道具です。俊敏で、速くしかも安定していて大変扱いやすくなっています。小さく、安全で楽しいグライダーを望むパイロットにとって素晴らしいグライダーです。」 シロッコ2に関する詳細はここで。... 続きを読む

New TRIOX for trike flying

March 7, 2018

The TriOx is designed specifically for powered trike flying. Compatible with all types of trike units from light to heavy, this versatile and reliable wing offers a stable and fast platform with easy launch and landing characteristics. Certified DGAC, and... 続きを読む