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Foot Launching The New XT 16

5月 10, 2018

Even though snow is arriving all over the northern hemisphere and we’re excited to get onto our skis… we just can’t get enough foot launching. There is something sublime about dragging your toes just centimeters over the ground as you descend the hill, and something wonderful about not missing that Saturday of flying just because there’s an extra 7-10kmh of wind.

Here are some photos of the team testing our new foot launch / high wind soaring machine, the XT 16. Even when conditions were 35kmh and absolutely cross (impossible to fly normal paragliders) we were blasting all around the hill, climbing over launch and carving down the mountain. It’s stable in windy turbulence, and even though it seems a bit weird to be out flying in conditions like this, the truth is that once you’re on the wing and in the air, it just feels good!

It’s exciting to think that these new developments in our sport are allowing us to have more fun in a wider range of weather conditions. We never really liked sitting on the hill talking about flying anyway – much better to live the adventure than to talk and dream about it!