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The Great Book of BASE

August 24, 2010

BASE Jumping is a sport that most Paraglider pilots are aware of, or have even seen first hand. Recently, many of the world’s top paraglider pilots have taken up the sport – people like Felix Rodriguez, Antoine Montant, Alex Aimard, Pal & Gabor, and others…

But what is this crazy activity all about? What draws people to it, how does one learn it, and is it really all that dangerous? The Great Book of BASE answers all of those questions and also offers up a series of entertaining stories, insights into the psychology of risk sports, and a ton of great full color photos. If you’ve ever been curious about BASE Jumping, then this book is for you. The Great Book of BASE was written and compiled by Ozone Team member, Matt Gerdes.

Books are in stock now and ship via fast USPS Priority Mail.

Order at www.base-book.com

Cheers from all the Team, and be careful out there 😉