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New Short Film: ‘Red Rock and Ripstop’

Recently a few of the Ozone Team ventured into the American Desert in search of an environment that would be ideal for a paragliding adventure. Europe in November can be tough place to fly in the sun, so we chose the badlands of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona in the USA. With a truck full of gliders and a simple plan: ‘Fly new sites in the desert’, we all piled into a truck and headed south with only a map and a vague idea of what we might find.

You’ll be seeing some of the images pop up in magazines during 2009, and to see a short film edited by Cade Palmer and Loren Cox and filmed by John James (mostly), Matt Gerdes, Cade Palmer, and Carson Klein, check out this link to the Ozone Vimeo Page: http://vimeo.com/2516083

A special thanks goes out to John James for all of the logistics and support (driving, filming, etc), and to Cade for the edit. Enjoy!Cheers from all the Team.

And don’t forget to check out the Ozone Team Blogs for news and stories and photos: http://teamblog.flyozone.com/

Welcome to the New Ozone Speed Website…

In order to keep everything easily accessible in one place, and in order to build on the existing information provided here, we have now divided Ozone Speed from the rest of the Ozone Site.

Now and in the future, you can find info on our Speed Flying and Speed Riding products here, as well as Speed-Specific news, videos, and stories from our team riders.

So… welcome to Ozone Speed! Whether you are addicted to soaring high winds with a Bullet 009, ripping down snowy peaks with the new GT, or are just considering getting into this exciting new sport, we hope that you can find everything you need right here within these pages. And please don’t hesitate to contact us with your feedback, anytime.

Cheers from all the Team.