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Karma Flights Update

In April and May of 2015, Nepal was struck by devastating earthquakes, and pilot run Karma Flights was on the ground doing amazing work to bring aid to the local population immediately. With thousands of pilot donations, they’ve been able to bring significant relief since the earthquake hit. Here is an update from Karma Flights and The Cloudbase Foundation on exactly what all of our donations have accomplished:

We brought approximately 32 tons of food, fresh water, shelter and medical supplies and teams in by foot, jeep, motorbike, helicopter and pack animal; built almost 400 temporary shelters for families and 4 temporary schools; set up a field hospital and served over 300 patients, funded additional transport and hospital care/surgery for 14 patients with life-threatening conditions; restocked 18 schools with school supplies and 4 health posts with medical supplies; provided hundreds of solar lights/charging stations to villages without power and hundreds of water filtration systems for safe drinking water; hired a bulldozer to clear landslide impacted trails; funded the epicenter area church (used as our emergency supply-distribution center) to repair their earthquake damage and build a retaining wall against monsoon floods and employ a full-time nursery school teacher; coordinated a large-scale hydro-project which restored clean and sufficient water to a village suffering a cholera outbreak; distributed warm clothes/blankets/shoes and earthquake-safety-instruction coloring books and crayons to over 600 students in remote mountain villages; and committed to 62 long-term full-scholarships for impoverished children who lost a close family member to the quake.

In addition to this emergency response, Karmaflights Nepal continues to support its long-term waste-management, health camp, vulture conservation, village-buffalo (purchasing a buffalo for villagers to share milk), educational scholarship and hot-lunch programs. We’ve additionally been able to provide all 137 homes in Arnakot Deurali with smoke-free stoves, trained locals to build homes out of earthquake resistant earthbags, installed a solar-powered computer lab, run health camps and distributed solar lights.

For continued updates, info, photos of the relief effort, and to donate to the cause, visit www.karmaflights.org.

Giving Back, in Nepal.

Following the disastrous earthquake last week, our good friend Isabella Messenger is helping to spearhead ground rescue, supply, and medical relief efforts in the villages around Pokhara, Nepal, a well known flying site where thousands fly each year.

Karma Flights is a local pilot-run charity in Pokhara. Run by pilots who want to ‘give back’ to those in the community, it’s now found itself at the centre of relief efforts in Pokhara and have been doing remarkable aid work without the help of the government or any large NGO’s for the past week, organizing supply and food distribution and sending teams to the local villages near the epicenter of the earthquake to offer whatever medical assistance, shelter, and rescue efforts that they can.

We’d like to assist them in reaching out to fellow pilots to help them keep up their efforts. Rest assured that any donations are going directly to help those on the ground. If you’d like to help, the simplest way is to donate through the Karma Flights website. You don’t need a PayPal account, just a bank card.

Isabella has been posting updates on her facebook page with photos and details of their work which we highly recommend following.