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Speeding the Grossglockner

Austrian Philipp Benda recently climbed and then rode the famous Grossglockner peak, the highest mountain in the Austrian Alps. Philipp and his team climbed the entire summit without any assistance from helicopters – just with the power of their legs and minds, in the spirit of true adventure.

Philipp & Co are planning to head to the central Swiss Alps soon, where they plan to make more adventure ascents of the highest peaks in the Berner Oberland, and then speed fly from the summits. If they succeed then they will achieve several first speed flying ascent / descents.

Phil reports on his climb / fly:

After an alpine ascent of 12 hours we slept at about 3200 meters and flew off the next evening after the wind dropped a little. We landed on the Pasterze glacier which was covered in little stones – not an easy landing at all as we were all skiing in climbing softboots.

  • The tech info:
  • total descent of 1500 m
  • groundspeed approx 80 km/h
  • vertical speed of 4 m/sek.
  • duration 6.5 minutes

Congratulations boys, nice work. The flight down is always more rewarding when you earn it with a nice long climb!

Cheers from all the Team.


我々のスポーツはほんの数年前には誰も想像しなかったように成長し発展してきました。我々がフリーフライトが好きなのは全て同じルーツから進化していますがその関与の仕方は数多くの異なった方法があります。’霊感を受けて’は数人のパイロットの活き方に我々を引き込みますーそのうちの何人かは知っているでしょうが何人かは知らないでしょう―彼らは個人的あるいはプロとして いろいろな形のフライトに没頭しています。それぞれのパイロットを訪ね彼らの本拠地の環境、エリアそして刺激の源を目の当たりにします。雲底5000mの下、道もない大自然のカルフォルニアのシエラでビバークフライトすること。世界記録保持者の生活をパラグライダーを中心なものとしてしまった発端を発見すること。南アルプスをスピードフライトすることがプロのフライヤーにとっての思索的開放となること。毎年地球を回るために故意にホームレスとなること。最後に’パラグライディング’は今、多面的なものになっていて、それが提供できるものすべてを経験することは一生涯かかってかろうじて可能であること。





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Douggs, Getting it Done in the UK

Chris ‘Douggs’ McDougall has sent us some excellent shots of soaring and swooping the coastal cliffs of Scotland. A nomadic Australian by birth and by nature, Douggs is posted in Scotland for offshore work and is trying to take advantage of his temporary location away from his favorite alpine cliffs (Douggs is a world-renowned BASE jumper and Skydiver). Douggs says that the Bullet series and the XT16 are getting him his airplay fix, and keeping him well satisfied even though there isn’t much BASE jumping to be had at his current location 😉

Check out the photos at right, all by Douggs & Co (Jackie Dodd et al). For more great entertaining photos and video on a slightly unrelated topic, check out Douggs’ excellent site at http://www.basedreams.com/

Speed Flying… Still!

The beauty of new sports is that they are constantly evolving, and constantly becoming more fun. Technology advances with time, but usually the most exciting developments come from the riders and pilots that push new sports in new directions.

Speed Flying is definitely a new sport, even if its roots were planted over 20 years ago in the alps when early paraglider pilots ski-launched their parachute-like wings.

The Ozone Bullet was designed to be ski-launched, but some of our team pilots haven’t been able to give up speed flying even though they were forced to say farewell to the snow. It’s an addictive sport, for sure, and some pilots say it’s even more fun without skis… and more fun that normal paragliding… we’re still not sure, all we know is that we love it too.

Be careful out there guys, and enjoy!