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Rush Power


The Rush Power was created for the performance pilot who needs LTF 1-2 security in their DULV certified wing. With a higher aspect ratio and more cells than the Mojo Power, the Rush Power is closer to a LTF2 in performance while remaining well within the boundaries of the LTF 1-2 class. It features sportier, more dynamic handling, along with a higher speed range.

The Rush Power is a performance intermediate wing with safety and stability. It is a performance LTF 1-2 with all of the ingredients for long flights; all it needs is a pilot to lead the way.

The Rush Power’s launch characteristics are benign for a wing with such performance and dynamic character, and pilots will find that the inflation is simple to control in all conditions. In light wind or no wind, the Rush Power comes up easily overhead, with no tendencies to hang back or slip to one side. Just pull it up and go!

In flight, the handling is direct and well coordinated, ideal for maneuvering close to the ground or for thermalling with the engine off. Coring even the tightest or most disorganized lift becomes a pleasure due to the Rush Power’s agility. Feedback is transmitted to the pilot in comfortable amounts, and it is feedback that the pilot can understand and use, not just turbulence or noise.

The Rush Power is a well proven and ideal intermediate paramotor wing that also flies just as well unpowered. We think that pilots searching for an intermediate wing that is equally capable of powered and unpowered flight need look no further.


Rush Power Colour Options


Your OZONE wing is delivered standard with the following accessories:

You may choose to add something to your order, such as: Easy Bag (stuff bag), Light Easy bag (video), Saucisse Bag (video) (concertina packing bag), Glider Backpack, or OZONE Clothing and Accessories.


Projected Area(m2)21.182325.14
Flat Area (m)24.5726.6629.16
Projected Span (m2)8.899.269.68
Flat Span (m)11.2711.7412.28
Projected Aspect Ratio3.733.733.73
Flat Aspect Ratio5.175.175.17
Root Chord2.772.893.02
Glider Weight5.65.96.3
Weight Range70-11085-125100-140
* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.


  • The Rush Power is constructed with Porcher Marine Skytex Evolution cloth, and comes standard with OZONE Paramotor Risers which feature double hang points, reinforced trimming system, and trimmer lock-off for free flight.