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7 listopada, 2018

The 3rd World Paramotor Slalom Championships took place in the beautiful Lake Qarun in Fayoum District in Egypt, near Cairo.
50 pilots from 13 countries were competing  during 7 days. In spite of windy weather during the first 3 days, the organiser Sky Sports Egypt and Competition Director Jose Ortega managed to run a successful competition with over 10 tasks before the finals runs made by the best pilots.
Hot weather and constantly changing wind conditions were not easy for the pilots and organisers with many pilots making mistakes or experiencing engine difficulties and ending in the water.
Watching final task between 22-18-12-8-6-3 and 2 best pilots is always a very exciting experience.
Team Ozone is very proud to have the best Slalom pilots in the World!:
Alex Mateos (France) finished 1st with World Champion title flying Freeride 14
Nicolas Auber (France) – 2nd flying Viper 4 14
Marie Mateos (France) – 1st Female World Champion and 6th in overall flying Freeride 14
Boris TYSEBAERT (France) – 3rd in a single trike category flying Viper 4 15
Big Congratulations to all pilots for their excellent performance and results.
Cheers from all the Team