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Alex Mateos European Champion

29 sierpnia, 2017

Over 100 pilots from 11 countries participated in 7th FAI European Paramotor Championships from 16 till 26 of August in Breclav, Czech Republic.

In spite of bad weather during first days of the competition the organized manage to run 8 tasks such as speed and curve navigation, navigation with declared time, economy task and precision take of and landings.

Ozone Team pilots Alex Mateos finished in the 1st place winning again the title of European Champion. He won all from 7 tasks.

Alex Mateos reports:

“Competition started slow, because of bad weather so I knew that there was no time to run many tasks. I will have to focus not to make too many mistakes.  I am happy to see that all the years of training still pay off! I used the same wing Ozone Viper 4 18 and motor Macfly Polini than last year World Championships in UK so I know it very well”

Congratulations from all Ozone Team.

Photos: Jose Ortega

Results: http://wiki.fai.org/display/cima/2017+EPC