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Ozone Pilots Win Gold at World Championships

19 sierpnia, 2014

The 2014 World Paramotor Championships took place in Matkopuszta Airfield, Hungary, August 6-16. There were over 100 pilots from 14 countries competing at the event from as far away as Thailand, Qatar and Japan.

Three gold and one bronze medals went to Ozone pilots in individual classes:

1st Alex Mateos in PF1 class  (Viper 3 20)
1st Coralie Mateos in PF1 female class (Slalom 19)

1st Ryszard Zygadlo / Basia Grzegorczyk in PF2 tandem foot launch class (Speedster 33)

3rd Yann Leudiere / Sylvain Dupuis in PF2 tandem foot launch class (Speedster 33)
The Viper 3, piloted by Alex Mateos and George Macak of Thailand, once again proved its unmatched efficiency by dominating the pure economy tasks.

Alex Mateos reports: “I have been competing for many years, waiting for a world championship win. My new Viper 3 was the perfect tool  to accomplish my final goal!”

The Viper 3 piloted by Alex Mateos has won already three gold medals in major competitions of the 2014 season:
UK Open Championships
French Open Championships
World PPG Championships

We’d like to send out a hearty congratulations to all of the winners. Thanks for flying Ozone, and for your continued support! Cheers, from all the Ozone Team.