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Ozone Pilots Win with the Slalom

9 kwietnia, 2013

P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }The new Slalom has been piloted to several wins already this year in the beginning of the 2013 competition season.

At the Expo Montegrappa, a majority of the pilots were flying Ozone, although there were several team pilots from other brands. A figure 8 FAI slalom task was flown. Alex Mateos (Viper 18) and Aurelien Ganaye (Slalom 21) completed the tasks with impressive times of 30 and 32 seconds, 5-6 seconds faster than the next pilots in the ranking. Congrats guys, well done, and we assume that was great training for the upcoming French Champs.

The first league of the Italian PPG championships was organized during the first weekend of April. Of the event,  Raffaele Benetti said, “Finally in Italy the level of competition is gradually aligning to the rest of Europe, with more and more technical tasks, improved pilot skills, and the best equipment”. On the podium of the first event, three Ozone Slalom pilots stood together. In first place, Sandro Passeri (Seven time Italian champion) once again affirmed his lead.

Italian Championships:

1) Sandro Passeri (Ozone Slalom 21)

2) Raffaele Benetti (Ozone Slalom 19)

3) Walter Camozzi (Ozone Slalom 21)

Cheers from all the Team.