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Ozone Pilots Sweep 2012 Slalomania Series

18 września, 2012

The final leg of Slalomania 2012 took place last weekend in Aspres sur Buech, France. Once again it was a game of milliseconds played by the new generation of PPG pylon racers, who are now training specifically for PPG Slalom, the fastest growing aspect of PPG competition.
Alex Mateos remains the undefeated champion of the discipline flying his Viper 2 18m, with Mathieu Rouanet following closely (well, not too closely) behind with his Speedster 19.
Alex’s style is unique and clearly a level above everyone else on the scene. Mathieu’s result confirms that his low aspect ratio wing, the Speedster 19, is totally capable of surpassing the performance of  “higher level” wings in agility and speed. Mathieu reported that the 19m Speedster feels comparatively easy and is a highly accessible wing, suitable for a wide range of pilots.

The overall Slalomania Results for 2012 are 100% Ozone, congrats guys! Thanks so much for flying Ozone.
1st Alex Mateos
2nd Mathieu Rouanet
3rd Aurélien Ganaye

The overall Slalomania France 2012 results can be seen here.

Cheers from all the Team!