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Slalomania Couhe

17 sierpnia, 2012

Slalomania Couhe 2 – 5 Aug 2012

The 2nd edition of the Slalomania series took place last weekend in Couhe. Two Ozone pilots finished on the podium: Alex Mateos in 1st place, and Aurelian Ganaye in 2nd. Ozone Team Pilot and PPG Manager, Emlia Plak, was the top placed woman and finished 10th overall flying her Speedster 19m. Emilia reports from the event:

“15 tasks were flown over 3 days, with all tasks being slalom courses of 2, 3 or 4 pylons set on a 80 x 80m triangle, or square. All of the tasks were hidden from the pilots before the event. It was nice to see so many pilots flying at such a high level. Alex Mateos is still unbeatable on his Viper 2 18m, and he flew perfect trajectories with wonderful style. He was followed closely by Aurelian Ganaye, who is improving quickly; at the last Slalomania he finished 5th, and this time he was 2nd. Well done for Aurelian! Mathieu Rouanet, flying his Speedster 19m, had maintained 3rd position until the final task, where he tried a little too hard to catch the younger guys and lost his position”

Full results can be seen here.

The next Slalomania event, which will be the final round, takes place in Aspres Sur Buech on 14 to 16 September. Good luck to all of the pilots involved and thanks to those of you who are flying Ozone. Enjoy!

Cheers from all the Team.