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Basse Ham 2012

1 lipca, 2012

The world famous “Basse Ham” festival recently took place, where several Ozone PPG Team pilots were in attendance. Referred to as the “Mondial du paramoteur” by French PPG pilots, this event is the world’s largest PPG gathering and is held bi-annually. More than 600 pilots came together on the shores of the Moselle river, where huge barges passed next to the take off area and a large nuclear power station loomed in the distance, just a few kilometers away.
This event is the perfect opportunity for the world’s PPG pilots to come together, and for PPG manufacturers to show their new products. Jeff Goin traveled to the event from America with his Viper 18m, and many other Ozone pilots from Asia and SE Asia were also in attendance, joining pilots from virtually every country in Europe. Ozone Team Pilots, Alex and Mathieu, gave several dynamic demonstration flights for the public, including some synchronized acro flying during the opening and closing ceremonies. Mathieu flew his Speedster 19m, and Alex flew the Viper 2 20m.
Matthieu de Quillacq, Ozone’s France importer, hosted a stand at the event with a massive quantity of giant (biodegradable) balloons. Coralie Mateos was on the scene, advising pilots who were interested in demoing the Ozone Speedster. After so many years flying the Viper, Coralie is now completely in love with the ease of use and speed of her new Speedster.
Rumors circulated that this could have been the last ever Basse Ham festival, which makes us wonder where the next version will materialize. The PPG community benefits greatly from these events, so we hope to see you all again in a couple of years, perhaps on a beach somewhere?
Cheers from all the Ozone Team.