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St Hilaire – The Coupe Icare

23 września, 2009

Once again, the Coupe Icare has come and gone, with all of the madness and excitement that one would expect from the world’s largest paragliding festival.

Alixa, Ozone’s exclusive importer for France, went all out this year again with a beautiful stand in the north tent. Ozone would like to extend a warm thanks and congratulations to Mathieu, George, and Luc, designers and artists who contributed to the stand. We had a wonderful hanging sculpture gracing the air above our heads all weekend, a baby grand piano and a professional pianist to keep it warm, a 3 piece ensemble playing jazz and folk (the group, Ali), and a highly talented opera singer (the wonderful Marine Beelen) who performed three times per day. It was original, inspiring, and fantastic, and the entire Ozone Team agreed that it all went extremely well with the 2009 World Cup Trophy and the overall feeling of success and accomplishment that surrounded the stand.

Dav, Luc, and Charles were all on hand to answer the endless questions about the new BBHPP that crushed the competition at the PWC Superfinal, and also to talk about the coming wings that Ozone will be releasing for 2010.

Although the forecast was relatively dismal, the reality of the weekend was mild temps and sunny skies for most of the 4 day event. Daily airshows saw not only the traditional costumed paragliders and pilots hucking themselves off of the north take off cliff launch, but helicopter acro displays, aerobatic airplanes, smoking wingsuits, and more acro paragliding than anyone could hope for. It was amazing that every time we looked up to the sky, some form of insane flying show was on, whether it was Felix infinite tumbling just a few meters away from the crowd at the south take off, or an airplane smoking and looping through the sky.

Stay tuned for more news here, but at Coupe Icare we did announce to the press that we will be launching a couple of new wings in the near future!

Cheers from all the Team.