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Ozone Team wins Slalom Championships

Big Congratulations to the Ozone Team for taking the podium of Spanish Slalom Open Championships which took place last few days in Bornos, Spain. This was one of the biggest slalom competitions of the season with 49 pilots competing from 9 different countries with 7 tasks flown. 

Alex Mateos won flying the Freeride 14 followed by Nicolas Auberts, also flying the Freeride 14 in 2nd place overall.  Alex says: “Everything went well, the training of this year paid off. I wish we could have flown more tasks but the results are there, so I’m very happy!” The big surprise came from new Ozone Team pilot Bartek Nowicki who finished 3rd overall. After flying Dudek for many years, polish pilot Bartek decided to change to the Ozone Freeride this season.  It is a completely different wing to fly, requiring a different technique and style and despite a minimum of training he managed to win the Polish Slalom Championships earlier this year. Thank you Bartek. 

Marie Mateos – the only girl amongst the top level pilots displayed her class once again, leaving behind many pilots who can only dream of getting to her level! Maries says: “This is the first time for me that I am so close to the podium in slalom competition. I am very happy with this result, especially with 7 valid tasks where I finished 4 times in the 3rd position. Nevertheless, I think with more training I can get the podium next time”. Go for it Marie!  

photo by Piotr Geło; Adam Pupek

Coupe Icare 2019

Once again, the Coupe Icare has come and gone, with all of the madness and excitement that one would expect from the world’s largest paragliding festival.

As every year Alixa/Ozone stand was not a traditional display of Ozone branding. Our friend, Mathieu de Quillacq, always manages to set us up with something original and non-commercial.
This year Ozone Power revealed the latest new products: Kona 2 based on the Buzz Z6 and EN B universal paragliding and paramotor wing.

Ozone Team pilots, Alex Mateos and Nicolas Aubert participated in the Parabatix Sky Race (slalom / precision competition), which took place on plateau of St Hilaire and the landing of Lumbin during three days of the event. Both of them flew Freeride 14 and ended up on the podium winning the overall final run. Congrats to all of the pilots and thank you for a great show!

Also, on Saturday afternoon the crowds enjoyed a PPG show put on by Alex and Marie while Raffaele Benetti were presenting his new project – electric paramotor for paragliders.

Thank you to everyone who took time to visit our stand. It was great to see old friends and meet new ones.

Coupe Icare 2018

For the 19th year in a row Ozone Team attended Coupe Icare of St Hilaire meeting you at Alixa stand. Once again Mathieu De Quillacq surprised everyone with his original idea of the most non-commercial display.

OZONE Team pilots, Alex Mateos and Nicolas Aubert participated in the Parabatix Sky Race (slalom / precision competition), which took place on plateau of St Hilaire and the landing of Lumbin during three days of the event. There were 10 top pilots competing from the international scene. Nicolas flew his new Viper 4 14 finished 2nd Congrats to all of the pilots and thank you for a great show!

Also, on Saturday afternoon the crowds enjoyed a PPG show put on by Alex, Nico, Marie and Raffaele Benetti.

Thank you to everyone who took time to visit our stand. It was great to see old friends and meet new ones

The Annual Coupe Icare Festival…

For the 10th year in a row, Ozone visited the Coupe Icare Festival in St Hilaire du Touvet, France. Each year our French importer, Alixa, manages to create something outstanding, and this year was certainly no exception. Although our stand was a simple affair and an intimate size, what occurred outside the stand in the main landing field during Thursday night was, we thought, rather impressive! See the photo at right, which was taken from over 1000 meters away, and was probably almost visible from outer space 🙂

If you were flying at the Coupe, or just sight seeing, and you shot a good photo of the world’s largest Ozone logo, please send it to us for the gallery.

At the event we announced a few new wings that will be coming in the near future. Please stay tuned for more info, but for now we can tell you that we’re planning to release a new Mantra M3 in early 2009 with some exciting new design elements gleaned from our competition research program. Also, we’re refreshing the class-beating Magnum, improving the riser system and adding a 38m size. And the Viper2 will also soon be released, and certified! More detailed and individual news releases will follow in the near future, and we’ll send out more info in the next Ozone Newsletter as well.

Cheers from all the Team.

Ozone Welcomes Konny to Team

All Change with Ozone Distribution in Austria and Germany!

We at Ozone are proud to announce that Konny Konrad has joined the team to provide a dedicated Ozone service to our customers in Germany and Austria. We thank Aerosport for their past service, but believe the change will mean customers get a faster and better service.  With Konny onboard and the newly created distribution channel that we are now developing, we hope that the Ozone distribution network will be strengthened and provide the best service and support possible in the German and Austrian markets. Konny has known and had dealings with Ozone from the start, so it is a pleasure to have him as part of the team.

As always, we welcome and value your feedback. If you are a pilot in Germany or Austria and would like to comment on our distribution or require sales and service or any of our products or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also please do not hesitate to contact us if you know of a way that we can improve our service in your country, wherever you are. Please contact your nearest school about buying or trying a wing, or Ozone or Konny direct on [email protected] if you need help finding your nearest school in Austria or Germany.

Cheers from all the Team!

Mathieu Rouanet Wins World Air Games Test Event

Mathieu Rouanet has won the WAG test event, held in preparation for the 2009 World Air Games in Turin, Italy. Congrats Mathieu! Mathieu and his Viper arenearly unstoppable, and generally the rest of the field is standing by hoping for Mathieu to make an error, because he is truly unbeatable when he is in top form. We hope the WAG next year goes off well for the competitors and we hope that Mathieu will repeat his performance there next year 😉

Alex and Coralie Mateos were also present, along with Laurent Salinas, all flying Ozones.

For more news on the event check out Mathieu’s blog at the Ozone Team Blog page, here: http://teamblog.flyozone.com/

‚The Mathieu Rouanet Show’, in India

Easily one of the most impressive showmen in the history of the sport, Mathieu Rouanet recently took his flying roadshow to Southern India, where he performed for a stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race and the Kerala Tourist Board.

For the full story in Mathieu’s words, check out his team blog here: http://teamblog.flyozone.com/mathieurouanet/.

Mathieu captured a few pretty cool images, and there were some good ones shot of him flying as well. They are rather unique and show very well that it’s possible to have a whole lot of fun on a paramotor wing with a bit of practice (a decade or so, in his case).

Mathieu has been invited back to the Rio stop of the Volvo Ocean Race in Brazil in April… we think that the racing crews there might find it odd that a French Paramotor pilot managed to cross two oceans in the same amount of time as the world’s fastest ocean yachts 😉
Congrats on a wonderful show, Mathieu, and enjoy South America.

Cheers from all the Team.


Iceland is known from its amazing landscapes and tough island weather. It is one of these very special destinations, where most of the paramotor pilots dream about.

In August last summer a group of pilots, mostly from USA spent two weeks on a road trip in Iceland flying in several locations. Seems like they have been very lucky with the weather conditions as all their pictures and videos are looking simply amazing. Among others, tree pilots were flying Ozone wings: Miroslav Svec (Viper 3), Matej Roder (Roadster 2) and Tucker Gott (Viper 4)

Tucker Gott reports:

„Iceland is easily the most beautiful place I have ever flown a paramotor. From the very first flight above glaciers and high mountain peaks, I knew this place was special. We lucked out with near perfect weather and the golden light was amazing the entire week. My favorite flight was a cross country adventure to the Maelifell volcano. It was nearly a two hour flight which began in green and black mountains. As we neared the volcano, the landscape opened up to flat black plains where the bright green volcano rose from the ground. My second favorite flight started in Skogafoss and continued down a cliff face with multiple waterfalls. At the end of the flight, I climbed to the peak of a mountain and dove my 16m Viper 4 down the mountain in perfectly calm air”

Nick Radford photo gallery from Iceland >> here
The Iceland trip was organized by Miroslav Svec, owner of the Scout Paramotor and took place on August 13th to August 24th.

Tucker Gott was flying Viper 4 16 supplied by Aviatior PPG
Tucker’s You Tube videos from Iceland >> here
Photos by: Nick Radford

Mark Morgan with Viper 4 wins Icarus X Race, UK

Mark sent this report:

On the weekend of July 22nd, the Adventurist team held the UK’s first ever Icarus X Race. The Event was held in Buckland Newton, Dorset, and was billed to be the toughest paramotor race ever held in the UK over two days. This was the third X race in the series after the USA and Australia races.

The race start was delayed by heavy fog until midday and I was the second pilot to depart the Icarus X race base camp some 45 minutes behind Jamie Goodridge. My Plan was to fly slow and steady for the 255km course, even though I was flying on a slow trim setting, only trimming out when heavy sink hit in the increasingly thermic conditions, flying into a westerly headwind, I managed to pass Jamie on his Dudek Snake before the first turn point.

Just before the first turn point I could now see a sea breeze convergence setting up on the south coast around Exeter and from a phone call I knew other pilots were closing in FAST. TP 1 to TP2 was really a non-event, flying easily through some very nice thermals. Every time I hit a good thermal I had to stop myself from turning and coring as the glide and agility of the Viper 4 makes this an awesome PPG wing to thermal.

By now all the other pilots had landed as they needed to refuel but thanks the unbelievable glide performance of the Viper 4 I was still going strong. A very long and slow climb to 7000ft gained me a strong tailwind and Victory to the First Icarus X Race UK.

Thanks Mark for the report and congratulations on the win!

Cloudbase Foundation in Nepal

After the disastrous earthquake in Nepal last year, Karma Flights and The Cloudbase Foundation jumped to action and raised truly impactful amounts of support in both supplies and monetary donations. OZONE provided a donation of $10,000.00 to support the recovery efforts of the foundation. But, they are still on the ground and continue their efforts to help those that need assistance and to rebuild the communities that were devastated.

For the next 5 weeks, GoPro Inc. will be matching all donations to The Cloudbase Foundation. You can double your impact by donating at that link and help us give back to those that live in the places we love to fly. Watch the first video below to see how far the efforts have gone and what’s left to do.

In the second short film, a traveling artist brings some color and peace to the locals in the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake. The benefit of public art is tangible, but incalculable, and the work of Jeremy Collins in Nepal was well timed.

Again, GoPro Inc. will be matching all donations to the Cloudbase Foundation for the next five weeks – please consider supporting their mission, as we at OZONE have.

Cheers, from all the Team.