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Alex Huxham wins 380 km race flying Roadster 3

UK pilot Alex Huxham won Icarus X Trophy flying his new Roadster 3 24. He has been flying only over 10 months being trained by SkySchool UK. “I have managed to clock well over 130 flights in that time” – he says. The race took place from 21st to 22nd June. The route was 240 miles (386 km) long, it was a triangle starting and finishing in Somerset, passing through Devon where he stayed overnight, across Dorset and Wiltshire. There were 27 pilots competing.

Here is how describes his first big and successful cross country adventure: “I wanted to combine my passion for flying and the need due to getting older to complete something out of my comfort zone and challenging. I was in the Race category, unsupported the entire time. I had to walk to get fuel with my Paramotor, a long gruelling walk, climbing over fences and barriers to get there and back. Took off at 4:36 pm, landed 8:47 pm to camp overnight, left again at 5:11am, landed at 8:18 am before landing at the finish line at 9:08 am. My equipment consisted of my Parajet Maverick paramotor with extra large fuel tank and my 24 m Roadster 3. I managed an average fuel consumption of 4.5 liter per hour fully trimmed out and speedbar for the duration of the flying.

A positive attitude, the right equipment and sheer determination. I got up early, I left as soon as I could, and when I landed, I ran around and got setup again. My Roadster 3 launches impeccably allowing me to get in the air fast with all the extra weight and make the whole experience so much easier. I never once or for a second doubted its ability to perform and remain stable allowing me to forget about the wing while flying and concentrate on hydration, food, course and altitude adjustments. The Roadster 3 is a versatile wing, trims in and neutral and it performs very responsively, trims out and the speed and stability this wing provides is unreal. My average speed was 39 m/h (62 km/h) over the course, with a sustained top speed of 47 m/h – 76 km/h”

Congratulations to Alex! It must have been an amazing adventure!

Cheers, from all the OZONE Team

Kester Haynes joins Ozone Team

OZONE is excited to announce that Kester Haynes has joined our team.

Kester Haynes is from UK and he has been flying since 2008. He works full time at Parajet / Gilo Industries, which produce paramotors, jet boards, Sky Car. He is their main test pilots, instructor, design and development engineer.

Kester loves adventure paramotor flying and he takes every opportunity to be a part of a paramotor expeditions anywhere in the World. He already completed many long distance cross country flights to remote places such as Brazilian Pantal and flown near erupting volcano Etna in Sicily. Kester says: “I have a passion for travel and adventure with various means of transport which include paragliders, paramotors, motorbikes, 4×4’s, jet boards. Even outside of work I still find myself designing and developing various flying machines and looking for the next expedition opportunity”

Together with Brazilian cinematographer Sylvestre Campe they travel around the World with paramotors producing adventurist TV series for Canal Off. They already visited Australia, Philippines, Cambodia, France, Italy, Sicily, Oman, Hawai, Namibia.
Kester Haynes occasionally works with Bear Grylls as his personal instructor, advisor or a tandem pilot.
Asked what flying means for you Kester says: “Flying has become a really important part of my life, giving me the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective, often reaching remote parts only accessible by flight, meeting like minded people and making friends everywhere. I also love how it enables me to explore another style of flying, doing some manoeuvres to get the adrenaline pumping and being completely focused in that moment. There’s always room to improve and huge scope to challenge yourself.”

Cheers, from all the OZONE Team

Bartek Nowicki wins Gold in Poland

We are very proud of a polish national team pilot Bartosz Nowicki, who won the Open Polish Slalom Championships 2019 last weekend in Jutrosin, Poland flying with Ozone Freeride 15.

The event was the biggest international slalom competition this year with 42 of the best pilots from 11 countries: Poland, Italy, Germany, Netherland, Finland, Spain, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Greece. Despite windy weather and a tragic accident (not flying), during 5 days pilots flew 11 tasks.

Big Congratulations to Bartek. We are very impressed by Bartek’s victory and feel honored to support him in this competition. Bartek is one of the top 5 World slalom pilots, finishing 4th during last years World Slalom Championships in Egypt.

Cheers from all Ozone Team.

Nicolas wins Andalucian Paramotor Race 482 km

Andalucian Paramotor Race 2019 organized by Mario de Eolox  took place on 9 – 10 February. 28 best pilots from Spain intended to fly a long cross country of 482 km from Huelva to Almeria.  All pilots had a ground crew following them and were allowed to land for fueling. Ozone Team pilot Nicolas Aubert flying his Viper 4 and PAP Tinox with Thor 200 managed to make it first to the goal!

Nicolas Aubert reports: „I am very happy to won the Race. I flew total 482 km from Huelva to Almería. It has been one of the hardest flights I have ever made in my life! It took me nearly 9 hours with 3 fuel stops. Total flight time was 6 h 30 min at maximum speed. The last section from Guadix to Almeria was the hardest, I was so tired that my legs were shaking, but at the end we made it! I would like to thank my ground crew: Pierre Aubert and Juan Morillas.  I am also grateful for excellent and reliable equipment, PAP paramotor and Ozone Viper 4, fast, good performance and solid glider!”

Congratulations from all Ozone Team!


The 3rd World Paramotor Slalom Championships took place in the beautiful Lake Qarun in Fayoum District in Egypt, near Cairo.
50 pilots from 13 countries were competing  during 7 days. In spite of windy weather during the first 3 days, the organiser Sky Sports Egypt and Competition Director Jose Ortega managed to run a successful competition with over 10 tasks before the finals runs made by the best pilots.
Hot weather and constantly changing wind conditions were not easy for the pilots and organisers with many pilots making mistakes or experiencing engine difficulties and ending in the water.
Watching final task between 22-18-12-8-6-3 and 2 best pilots is always a very exciting experience.
Team Ozone is very proud to have the best Slalom pilots in the World!:
Alex Mateos (France) finished 1st with World Champion title flying Freeride 14
Nicolas Auber (France) – 2nd flying Viper 4 14
Marie Mateos (France) – 1st Female World Champion and 6th in overall flying Freeride 14
Boris TYSEBAERT (France) – 3rd in a single trike category flying Viper 4 15
Big Congratulations to all pilots for their excellent performance and results.
Cheers from all the Team


Icarus Trophy is a known as the World’s Toughest Air Race where paramotor pilots fly long distance unsupported. This is a near 1000 mile adventure air race where pilots fly across some of the most challenging terrain on the planet.

The Icarus Trophy this year was about 1200 km and included crossing two international borders, from South Africa to Botswana and then from Botswana to Zimbabwe. The Race started just north of Johannesburg and finished at Vic Falls in Zimbabwe.

South African pilot Alard Hufner won the race flying Speedster 28.

Alard reports: „I had a great time! What a fun adventure! As the race was held in winter the flying conditions were pretty good. Cold mornings and manageable conditions during the day.

The Scariest moment was when Sebastian and I were out on a remote road in Zimbabwe doing some work on his motor after his throttle cable broke and 2 lions appeared on the road 50 m away. We managed to get a lift to safety with an overland truck.

The longest flying day was just over 500 km, with the longest flight 240 km. I was flying a Ozone Speedster 28 with a Parajet Zenith Polini Thor 200″

Alard’s mate and Ozone pilot Basjan van Heerden was flying Sirocco 2 26. Sebastian says: “The Icarus was very crazy! I was leading the last day but unfortunately my throttle lever broke down only 40 km before the finish line! I came 4th. The Sirocco 2 was fantastic, I did one flight of 6 hour and 301km without stopping, hit huge thermals for 3 hours up to 40 feet per second lift, no big collapses!”

Seems like Icarus Trophy 2018 in Africa was an epic adventure! Next year Brazil!

Cheers, from all the Ozone Team.

Ozone pilots win the French Championships

2018 French Championships finished with a big success for Ozone Team. Alex Mateos won French Champion title followed by Nicolas Aubert on the 3rdrd place in general classification. Both pilots flew Viper 4. Competition took place in Blois in France. During 7 days pilots completed 14 tasks.

Alex Mateos reports: “This year the most challenging task for me was economy, because I chose smaller size of the Viper 4, 16 instead of the 18. But despite of smaller size I won all the eco tasks, which is pretty amazing as for such a small wing! The weather was great, we had only one rainy day, which allowed us to have a nice rest! I think my weak point has always been  Navigation but lucky this part of France is easy so I haven’t lost too many points on that task! I would like to thank you Ozone for such a great wing, which always helps me to win! Looking forward to Slalom World Championships in October”

Cheers from All Ozone Team

Alex Mateos World Champion for the 3rd time

The World Paramotor Championship (WPC) is the biggest Paramotor competition sanctioned by FAI. Best pilots from all over the World did come to contest for the title of The World Champion. This year, Thailand has been chosen to host the event at Pasak Jolasid Dam in Lopburi.

Despite Thai hot and stormy weather, during 6 competition days stated on 30th april, the organizers managed to run an excellent event with eight tasks covering navigation, economy and precision flying. 60 pilots competed in class PF1 from 14 countries.

Alex Mateos piloted his Viper 4 16m to his third World Championship title.

Alex says: “I don’t have words to describe my joy to become World Champion for the third time! The competition was intense and very tiring with long waiting time between the tasks under hot thai sun. I won 4 from 8 tasks.  Despite making a few small mistakes, I finished this championship with a good lead in points, which secured my first position as the scoring system was not the same as usual. Now I am coming back home to France and start preparation for Slalom World Championships in Egypt.

The Ozone team sends a huge congratulations to Alex for his third World Title, and we are very happy to be able to support him and all of the pilots who have chosen Ozone.

Cheers, from all the team!

Competition web site and results: https://www.wpc2018.org/results

Alex wins WPSC 2017 in Egypt

27 October till 6 November 2017, 37 pilots from 14 nations traveled to Egypt to take part in World Paramotor Slalom Challenge – international event organized by Sky Sports and Aeroclub or Egypt.  This event was the biggest slalom competition organized in 2017.  All task were flown over water on the Lake Byoum, near Cairo.

Excellent weather conditions allowed to run many slalom task as well as spot landings.

Ozone Team pilot Alex Mateos won the competition with a huge advance to other pilots. He was flying with the Viper 4 14.

Alex Mateos reports:

„I’m happy with the performance of my equipment, which helped me to win this competition. During the final task, we had a new challenge, we were asked to design our own slalom course which had to contain 10 turns around 6 pylons and 360 wing tip touch. We had to repeat it twice, as 2 task flown without landing. It was really challenging to focus and remember the course flown!”

Cheers from all Ozone Team

Photos by Louis Garnier

TUCKER GOTT wins Icarus Trophy 2017 in just 4 days

Icarus Trophy is a known as the World’s Toughest Air Race where paramotor pilots fly long distance unsupported. The race is a real challenge that not many of us would decide to take.

During Icarus Trophy 2017, on the 24th September several pilots took off from Polson (Montana) to fly approximately 1100 nm long route and land in Mesquite (Nevada).

Young American pilot – Tucker Gott – won the Race overtaking by far all the other competitors. He completed 1200 miles route in just 4 days flying Ozone Freeride 19. Tucker video recorded all flights and created a series of short videos sharing his extraordinary experience with wider public.

Tucker Gott reports: „The Icarus Trophy race is an adventure I have wanted to complete since its inception. This year’s race started in Polson, Montana and ended in Mesquite, Nevada. There was a mandatory check point in Monument Valley which stretched the entire course to about 1,200 miles. I had the goal of completing the race as safely as possible and to the best of my ability. By the end of the race, I was blown away by the variety of amazing landscapes I had covered and the unique experiences I had encountered. The 19m Freeride gave me the efficiency to complete 100+ mile legs and the ease of launch to get me out of super tight landing areas. Overall, the Icarus Trophy was a life changing experience and opened my eyes to the world of unsupported cross country”

Go to Tucker Gott’s You Tube channel to watch videos from Icarus Trophy 2017 >> link
Tucker Gott was flying Ozone Freeride 19 supplied by Aviator PPG

All ground pictures: Sophie Bolesworth