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The PPG Revolution Continues…

Anyone who has flown with Mathieu Rouanet and his friends knows that paramotoring is on the brink of a new age. With new destinations constantly being discovered in radically exotic and interesting locations around the world, and new types of wings becoming available to the public, we can only imagine where this sport is going in the next few years.

If you haven’t flown with Mathieu, then you need to check out this trailer for a new DVD that will be available to the public in the coming months. Funny Side of the Sky Productions has been working on getting their award winning film, Kimchee Session, into DVD format for all of you to enjoy. This DVD will contain some of the most amazing ppg footage in the history of the sport.

To see a bit of South Korea from Mathieu Rouanet’s point of view, click here to see the trailer. Or click here to see the web page. Mathieu is flying a Viper 20 and 24 in these clips.
Enjoy… with paramotors, the possibilities are vast!

It’s Fantastic! New film, free to download!

Ozone is proud to announce the worldwide premier of ‘It’s Fantastic’, a film by Matt Sheridan and Team 13 of the USA.

During the first part of 2007 Matt Sheridan, a filmmaker from Utah, USA, followed a few Ozone Team members around Europe, North America, and down to the Canary Islands on several different adventures. His mission was to document the current evolution of speed flying, speed riding, or whatever you prefer to call it (although the current trend seems to be categorizing riding with skis and flying with foot launched flight).


This is a professionally made film that won accolades at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, and was a finalist in the film competition. Filmed in all HD and produced in Team 13’s Utah studio, It’s Fantastic is… fantastic. Thanks to Matt Sheridan and the executive producers for allowing us to offer this to our pilots for free right here on our site, instead of on DVD!

At the moment only the quicktime version is available for download but we will have other formats up soon

Download the 2008 Paragliders Brochure

The new 2008 Ozone Paragliders Brochure is now available for download in pdf format. Click here to get it!
The new brochure includes all new 2008 wings including a couple of new gliders that you might not have heard much about, so be sure to check it out. Print versions will begin appearing in your country in the next six to eight weeks.

Cheers from all the Team, and Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all of you!

Black Sheep Technology, and more!

It’s not BS, it’s BST.

For some, technology is a gimmick* . For us, gimmicks are for laughs, and we take technology seriously. Some try to hide their gimmicks by giving them technical sounding acronyms**, and now we’ve decided to use some acronyms because the boss asked why we didn’t have any!

What sets us apart from our competition is a distinct lack of gimmicks. We realize that. But we’re fine with being different – it’s been that way from the beginning and we prefer it that way. In fact, 10 years ago in 1998, Ozone was founded with Black Sheep Technology. If you want more tech details, check our designer’s notes.

* Gimmick; to equip or embellish with unnecessary features, especially in order to increase saleability, acceptance, etc.

** Acronym; a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words, as in BS from Bull Shit.

Get your BST T-shirt from your local Ozone Dealer, and join us in our laughs against BS! Shown at right, the official BST shirt is heavy overdyed 100% cotton, with the BST stamp on the front and the traditional ‘flock’ on the back.

Also available now is the Ozone Heavy Hoody, the ultimate in hooded comfort… with double layer thick 100% cotton, full zip front, hand-warmer pockets and a deep hood, this is the ultimate after-flight accessory to stay warm and cool.

Air Sports Live – The NZ Air Games

Recently a one of a kind event occurred in New Zealand: The NZ Air Games, which is part of the newly created Air Sports Live brand. Planned from the beginning for the sole purpose of bringing a variety of air sports to the public eye, this event involved 116 cameras all live broadcasting a series of demonstrations and competitions for the world to see live on TV, via internet streaming, and recorded programs. By the end of the broadcast, the event had reached 460,000,000 viewers around the world!

Ozone was proud to be part of this massive event, participating in the Paragliding and Speed Riding events. Ozone Team Pilots Felix Rodriguez, Remo Kutz, Mike Steen, Mathieu Rouanet, and Matt Gerdes were all present.

Mike Steen and Matt Gerdes participated in the Speed Riding demonstration, which involved 8 pilots and 4 helicopters to bring the athletes deep into the Tasman Glacier region in the highest part of the New Zealand Alps. This was an amazing opportunity for a select group of Speed Riders to experience their sport in the middle of the NZ summer, in high alpine terrain. A Helicopter with an externally mounted WesCam filmed from the air, and TV crews shot the pilots from the ground as well. Helicopters shuttled the pilots back to the top of the run, and then back out to the stunningly gorgeous Glentanner station at the base of Mt Cook, the very same place that ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy was filmed.

For the PG Acro competition, more helicopters flew the competitors to a peak above Diamond Lake, near Queenstown, where they launched and then threw down over the lake in a stunning setting. Felix Rodriguez took second place in the comp with his FLX proto, which he was testing for the first time after installing a completely new line set. Felix was just getting the feel for the wing by the the end of the comp, and now he’s pretty happy with it! Stay tuned for more news on this new glider.

In the Paramotor division, Mathieu Rouanet of course took first place overall, flying his Ozone Viper. We expected nothing less from the most decorated man in the history of Powered Paragliding, and Mathieu took his victory with his customarily easy smile.

The video production was designed for the general public, with absolutely no care taken to make sure that the facts were straight or the images were interesting to us pilots, so although at times watching the footage may induce a wince or two, it can be viewed on the Airsports Live site here: http://www.airsportslive.com/

NZTV News: Click here for video!

Photos at right courtesy of Alexander Behse.

Paramotor- Kite Action in NZ

Early 2008 in Raglan, New Zealand, an internationally renowned surf spot, Hugh & Matthieu put on an amazing show

Hugh Pinfold and Mathieu Rouanet are both Ozone team riders/pilots. They met at a café to strategize how the sports of Kitegroundboarding, Kitesurfing and Paramotoring could be undergone in close proximity in complete unison. Many factors needed to be taken into account especially whilst paramotoring over water, ie bodies don’t float too well with an engine on the back.

The chosen day was crystal clear, sunny and the wind was a clean 10-12kt sea breeze, a good compromise for ultimate control in each of the chosen windsports. This first day was a pilot session to see how both activities could be mixed to get some never seen before pictures, video and above all to push the limits whilst having fun.

Mathieu used an Ozone Viper wing with his PAP engine, while Hugh used an 11m Ozone Frenzy for kiteboarding, and a 15m Ozone Instinct Sport II for Kitesurfing.

Raglan provides the best of both worlds with a long wide beach at low tide perfect for ground based kiting, and a strong 6-8kt current at the harbour mouth adding to the windspeed with an outgoing tide.  

The days events were well covered by Sophie Guibal from “iNDASKY Productions” and Alexander Behse from “Monsoon Pictures International”. Below is a short teaser video of the days activities. Keep posted for the full DVD, due for release later this year.


See on YouTube.com

Cheers Team Ozone

Because… Update!

Hi All,

Thanks to all of you who have participated so far. We’ve been overwhelmed with the response, and some of the answers have been truly inspiring.

Also thanks to you who have just entered the drawing, there’s no need to write us anything, we just want to share our passion with you and we look forward to showing you more of the movie and more of the answers in the near future. The map at right shows roughly where your answers have been coming from.

Because.. the higher and further I fly the less I hear my girlfriend yelling for me to come down and go shopping with her.

porque me gusta pasar volando por sitios por los cuales nadie ha llegado a pie

Because my parents and wife told me not to…But I have to!

because i am addicted to the oxygen you only find at cloud base.

I fly because it’s the most exciting thing you can do with your clothes on!

Derek Melnick NEW ZEALAND
Because, when I rest my head after taking my final breath I will have enough time to remain on the ground.

I always had this wish to know why do birds sing when it’s sunny out there!

Porque la silla es más comoda que la de la oficina.

Because…I like flying the Hell of Thermal to reach the Heaven of the Sky.

Flying represents the pure essence of the unexpected, and in more than one occasion it has given me a breathtaking experience that is worth a lifetime.

Because…Birds cant have ALL the fun!

I Fly because … of you, guys!

…because flying is the intersection of two of my strongest emotions: love and fear.

And from our own David Dagault who was disqualified for going over 40 words, but we love his answer anyway: “Do you ask people why do they breath? It’s normal, natural! You fly because you’re alive. Once it will be all over, you won’t be able to anymore. So you fly because you live, and you want to live because you can fly!

Cheers from all the Team, enjoy the coming spring (or fall, wherever you are)!

Because… Tell us!

You know why you fly.
Or perhaps you don’t. Maybe you have asked yourself the same question in the past, and maybe you were even able to answer it.

We know why we fly, or at least we think we know. We’ve known since even before our first flights, and the same passion that drove us to experience free flight as beginners has brought us to our careers in the sport.
We want to know why YOU fly, and we’ve set up what we think is a great way for you to tell us. It’s easy, entertaining, and only takes a couple of minutes. Furthermore, we’re going to reward pilots at random, and we’re also going to reward a few pilots who can come up with some of the best answers. The cool part is there is absolutely no wrong answer: and in fact, there are only good answers, so fire away!

Because… is a film. A short film, created by Jorge Atramiz and Herminio Cordido, the same minds behind the epic film ‘The Never Ending Thermal‘. to begin with, we’re going to show you a trailer of the short film which will be arriving in May. You can choose to take part in the Because… draw (i.e., drawing, raffle, lottery), or the competition, or both. Check it out!

Click here to see the trailer and enter the drawing and or competition.



The Ozone Team is currently in Japan. Greetings from Ibaraki, home of two previous World Cup Events and this weekend’s Ashio XC Challenge, where we are flying along with the pack and enjoying excellent Japanese XC conditions! Dav, Russ, Jerome and Mike are all competing in the event flying Addict 2s, Rush 2s, and the Mantra R07. Matt, and Loren Cox (Ozone’s newest Graphic Designer), will be following along shooting video of the adventure for all of you to check out later this spring.

Also with us is Felix Rodriguez, long time hero in Japan, and Oka San of Falhawk International, our Japan Importer. As well as Maeda San, who has been indispensable in helping us get around this amazing country. we cannot thank Oka San and Maeda San enough for all of their help. Domo Arigato!
So far we have tramped all over Mt Fuji, been to the Kajimadaira ParaWorld festival, cruised through Tokyo, soared over temples at Ibaraki, and much more. Overall, we’ve been more than impressed by the landscape (stunningly beautiful), the people (ultra polite, kind, and helpful almost without exception), and the food (delicious, exotic (to us) and healthy).

More news will follow shortly, and in the future you will find videos on this site as well as a few magazine articles to tell the full story. For now, here are a few images of our trip so far.

All photos by David Dagault.

Cheers from all the Team!

The New ‘Saucisse’ Concertina Bag!

Being a partly French Company, we are sometimes inclined to give our products French names. In this case, many of you may recognize a sausage, wurst, or chorizo in the name of our newest accessory, the Saucisse Pack.

This lightweight but durable concertina-fold bag is ideal for preserving the mylar in the leading edge of your glider. Keeping your mylar in smooth condition will, at the very least, increase the resale value of your wing, and will help it to maintain its performance over time. With a full-length YKK zipper for easy in-out, a wide Velcro band and straps to compress and preserve the mylar at the leading edge, the Saucisse has everything you need and nothing you don’t… unlike its namesake.