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Lubos Halama wins Czech Slalom Championships!

Czech Open Slalom Championships took place in Hustopece, near Brno, Czech Republic from 9 to 12 September. 17 Czech and foreign pilots were competing in class PF1, including 2 top Ozone top pilots Bartosz Nowicki (POL) and Lorenzo Mallegni (ITA) Pilots flew 20 slalom tasks and Lubos (flying Freeride 14) was a leader from the start, following closely by Bartek. In the finals, Lubos defended his first position winning two tasks but unfortunately, Bartosz lost his 3rd position to his polish teammate Marcin Bernat. All pilots show amazing performance in this very radical and technical competition. Congratulations from all Ozone Team!

The Ozone PEAK Jacket

The PEAK is Ozone’s new performance breathable shell jacket. Fully taped seams ensure durable waterproof protection. This technical mountain jacket is designed to protect you from the elements at any altitude, flying or not. The Peak is a limited production run, and is only available in limited quanitities. Get one from your local Ozone Dealer now, these jackets won’t be available for long.

The Peak Features:

* Adjustable zip-off hood with weather-shed peak (or ‘bill’).
* Easily accessible chest pockets are positioned high to not interfere with harness straps.
* Zipped arm pocket for storage.
* Internal zipped security pocket: keeps valuables such as mobile phones or MP3 players safe and dry.

Ozone Materials – Durability Reports

Ozone has begun using several new materials in the past 2-3 years, chosen after extensive testing by the manufacturers and by our team of pilots for their performance and durability. However, the truest test of material durability is the test of time, and now that these new materials have been in use by pilots around the world for the past several seasons we are getting the results of your testing, which is the most important.

In Russia, Vector Paragliding reports that after more than 1000 tows the Magnum Tandem and Element are still climbing and flying like new. Towing exerts higher than average forces on the glider material and lines and most wings deteriorate quickly after a few years of towing, but the Magnum and Element, used daily for training, are holding up admirably well. The Magnum is constructed from Porcher’s new Skytex Evolution 45g/m2.

Several reports from distributors and pilots have shown that the porosity of the Porcher Skytex Evolution is nearly new after more than 250 hours of flight time, and the mechanical characteristics (stretch resistance) of the Skytex are unmatched in the paragliding world.

The Addict R and Mantra, introduced in 2005, both featured a new unsheathed Kevlar line material that is treated for UV protection. The durability of these lines is remarkable, as is being continually proven by pilots sending in their wings for 2nd and 3rd year checks. One pilot reported that after 210 hours of flying, his Addict R unsheathed lines were still above 90% of breaking strength, which is excellent for any line, and especially for unsheathed lines. Our Kevlar unsheathed lines are being used on the Addict R, Mantra M2, Viper, and Mantra R07.
We highly recommend regular equipment checks and careful maintenance of your wings and equipment, for your safety. Thanks to those of you who have written in with reports and feedback, keep it coming.

Cheers from all the team!

2007 Paramotor World Championships – China

The 2007 World Championships were perhaps the most hotly contested in the history of paramotoring. The results show as much, with no surprises in the top 3 places.

Mathieu Rouanet reports that the Chinese organization was excellent, putting up the pilots in first class hotels and running the comp without delays or disorganization. The setting near Beijing was an excellent place for the champs to unfold, and this year a new battle was at the forefront of the event: 2 stroke vs 4 stroke engines.

All tasks went exceedingly well, with the French Team taking the team gold (half of the team was flying Vipers).

Mathieu Rouanet, former World Champ, European Champ, and French Champ, is now Vice World Champion after a difficult and lengthy protest by the Spanish Team, which lead to Ramon Morillas taking first place overall after a task was canceled several days post completion. The Spanish and French Teams were not in total disagreement over the decision, but a severe delay due to inefficiency and incompetence on the part of the FAI staff lead to a ridiculous reversal of a decision, after all tasks of the competition had been completed… basically, the FAI judges present at the event in China made an excellent and serious competition between professional athletes a total mockery by acting poorly and acting slowly. We can only hope that the FAI can act in as sporting and mature a manner as the athletes in future competitions.

Ozone would like to extend sincere congratulations to Ramon Morillas and Mathieu Rouanet, who are both worthy of the title and have both proven as much in years past.

There were 4 Ozone Vipers in the top 7 wings, which is an excellent statistic. Thanks to the following pilots who have proven once again that the Viper is the best competition PPG wing on the market today: Mathieu Rouanet, Michel Touitou, Ronan Chollon, and Paul Bailey.

Cheers from all the Team!

Safety Notice to Magnum Pilots

The small metal ring on the Magnum risers between the B and C riser failed in one instance during a highly loaded deep spiral. This may or may not be an isolated case. Until we are able to investigate the cause of this further, and speak with the supplier of this hardware, we recommend that Magnum pilots do not execute any high-G maneuvers with the Magnum.

Only 1 Magnum riser has been affected, and this hardware is not used on any other Ozone wings.

We will post further info on the news and to our distributors when we have it.

Ozone Films Win at St Hilaire

This year at the world’s largest international Film Festival, the Coupe Icare, three Ozone films took top honors in the prize giving.

Sophie Guibal of Indasky Productions won both the ‘People’s Choice Award’ and also the ‘Best Picture Award’ for her short film, Kimchee Session. This film is guaranteed to blow your mind. You won’t see it on this site for a while, because it’s going to be produced as a DVD in the near future. It is 19 minutes of insane flying in Korea by Ozone Pilots Mathieu Rouanet and Laurent Salinas, two of the best paramotor pilots in the world.

These two guys spend half of the movie flying their motors low and dragging their feet on things… things like ice cold rivers, busy highways, building roofs, and even the roofs of cars stuck in traffic… all with the utmost care and professionalism, of course. It is without question the most exciting paramotor footage we have ever seen, and we promise it will make you want to put a motor on your back and get a Viper!

Another winner in the film festival was Guillaume Broust, for his short film, The Bullet. Guillaume won the ‘Best Directed Film Award’ for the original score, storyboard, and of course, his epic direction which is surely unrivaled in the paragliding industry. If you haven’t seen this yet, then click here. Or here for the direct link.

Congratulations Sophie and Guillaume, for the excellent films! And congrats to the Ozone Pilots in the movies… we look forward to more!

The Ozone Caribbean XC Challenge… 2008!

Register now!

It’s filling up, and it’s important to register now to ensure that you get the type of room setup that you desire (shared, single, double, etc). All pilots will be staying in the Marriot Hotel, which is a first class, clean, efficient, and organized hotel with fully modern amenities, a pool for you (and your family) and conference rooms for the de-briefings by Jocky Sanderson, king of XC coaching!

This comp has filled up and been an adventure and a success for the past two years. We’re excited to have the same great XC coaches returning, with a first class hotel and dates a bit later in the season to help ensure good XC conditions. For hotel details, click here.
Jocky Sanderson(UK), Jerome Canaud(FR), and Daniel Crespo(ES), will all be on site to coach and assist pilots in their XC route finding and competition flying.

The Ozone Caribbean XC Challenge has become the world’s premier Open Distance / OLC Rules comp, so don’t miss it! Cloudbase in shorts, low stress friendly environment, daily coaching and debriefings on competition and XC flying, and of course a load of Ozone prizes!

See you down there… click here to register.

Photos at right C www.ojovolodar.com

Viper Breaks World Speed Records, Again!

Michel Carnet (UK), has broken 2 new World Speed Records (Pending Ratification) with the Ozone Viper!

The details are below. To Summarize: For the foot launched record, Michel maintained an average speed of 63.71km/h over a 15km course. That means he of course was actually hitting speeds higher than that at times, which is quite amazing.
For the trike record, Michel maintained a speed of 58.49km/h for 100km over a closed circuit!

Congratulations Michel, that’s amazing and we think it will be a while before someone manages to beat that record, or best the Viper’s top speed.

FAI has received the following Class R (Microlights) record claims:
Claim number : 14844
Sub-class :RPF1 (Microlights : Paraglider Control / Foot-launched /
Flown with one person)
Type of record : Speed over a straight 15/25 km course
Course/location : Brighton (UK)
Performance : 63.71 km/h
Pilot : Michael CARNET (UK)
Paramotor : Ozone Viper
Date :19.10.2007
Current record : 60.13 km/h (19.07.2004 – Jiri SRAMEK, Czech Republic)
Claim number : 14845
Sub-class :RPL1 (Microlights : Paraglider Control / Landplane / Flown
with one person)
Type of record : Speed over a closed circuit of 100 km without landing
Course/location : Brighton (UK)
Performance : 58.49 km/h
Pilot : Michael CARNET (UK)
Paramotor : Ozone Viper
Date :18.10.2007
Current record : no record set yet
The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required
has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and
the record ratified (if appropriate).

Marcel Meyer
FAI Executive officer

Free Stuff for early registrants… sign up now.

The Ozone Caribbean XC Challenge is the ultimate XC comp for pilots of intermediate ability and up! No Competition experience is necessary… you only need to have the desire to fly XC in an educational environment, and a bit of thermal flying experience.

The organization of the comp is offering free Tshirts and more to early applicants, check the site for details and round up your friends now for your winter flying vacation in the Caribbean…


Cheers from all the team, see you there!