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Alex wins WPSC 2017 in Egypt

November 8, 2017

27 October till 6 November 2017, 37 pilots from 14 nations traveled to Egypt to take part in World Paramotor Slalom Challenge – international event organized by Sky Sports and Aeroclub or Egypt.  This event was the biggest slalom competition organized in 2017.  All task were flown over water on the Lake Byoum, near Cairo.

Excellent weather conditions allowed to run many slalom task as well as spot landings.

Ozone Team pilot Alex Mateos won the competition with a huge advance to other pilots. He was flying with the Viper 4 14.

Alex Mateos reports:

“I’m happy with the performance of my equipment, which helped me to win this competition. During the final task, we had a new challenge, we were asked to design our own slalom course which had to contain 10 turns around 6 pylons and 360 wing tip touch. We had to repeat it twice, as 2 task flown without landing. It was really challenging to focus and remember the course flown!”

Cheers from all Ozone Team

Photos by Louis Garnier