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New in 2014…

March 27, 2014

In 2014, Ozone will be releasing two new wings: the Roadster 2, and Viper 3. Both of these exciting new designs feature the Ozone Reflex Profile and our patented SharkNose technology.

Combining the OzRP and SharkNose technologies is a development that we think will prove to be as much of a revolution in the PPG world as the SharkNose has been for free flight wings from the intermediate to competition levels. The SharkNose profile not only vastly improves performance and stability at low (steep and fast) angles of attack, but also at high (slow speed) angles of attack and while during aggressive control inputs. SharkNose profiles have proven to be highly spin-resistant, with longer control ranges and more progressive handling, as well as with better stability in accelerated flight. It also aids inflation, and creates more forgiving launch characteristics. For more technical information on the SharkNose, please see here

Roadster 2

The Roadster 2 is aimed to fulfill the demands of the many beginner-intermediate pilots entering the sport of PPG. With a focus on a simple and light inflation and an accessible and easy to manage high top speed, this is an excellent choice for new pilots who want an easy wing that they won’t soon grow out of.

Roadster 2

Viper 3 is the newest edition of the legendary Viper series, which has won countless world, national, and continental titles over the past eight years.

The legacy of the Viper series is being brought to a completely new level, with this next-generation profile. The Viper 3 is an entirely new wing that we are confident will satisfy the speed and agility demands of the most advanced and discerning pilots in the world.

Both of these wings will be available to test soon, and the Viper 3’s competition debut will be at the 2014 World Championships, piloted by Ozone Team Pilot, Alex Mateos.

Cheers from all Ozone Team