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New Slalom Video

November 22, 2012

We have just released two videos about the Ozone Slalom, which is our newest PPG wing.

The new Slalom is a fast and agile wing for intermediate and experienced pilots who want to carve tight turns at high speeds. Based on our highly successful Speedster design, the Slalom provides a stable base for pilots who want to take their PPG flying to the next level, at competitions or just for fun. Although the Slalom was designed for competitive pylon racing pilots, it is ideal for any experienced pilot who is searching for new levels of agility, coupled with ease of use, stability, and excellent launch characteristics. The Slalom’s high-speed stability and comfort also makes it an ideal choice for high-speed XC flights.

An introduction to the Multiball Steering System by Ozone Team Pilot, Mathieu Rouanet. The Multiball System is available exclusively for the Ozone Slalom, our newest PPG wing. The Slalom is an excellent choice for pilots who want to fly fast and carve turns on or off the slalom race course. The Multiball System allows for highly precise and stable steering inputs in highly accelerated configurations (For instance, with trimmers fully open and full speed bar applied). The three sections of the system are “handles” which allow a range of possible positions for the pilot to use – simply choose the section which is most comfortable to reach according to your harness configuration and arm length. This riser system is feature-rich, but clean and easy to use on the ground and in the air.