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Slalomania 2011

September 30, 2011

Slalomania is a PPG speed race around pylons. The most recent event in Aspres sur Buëch, France, saw Ozone Team pilots Alex Mateos (First Overall) and Mathieu Rouanet (Third Overall) on the podium. Pilots from six countries participated in the event.

Alex Mateos won 9 of the 10 tasks, and naturally took top honors. Grzegorz Krzyanowski managed to finish just ahead of Mathieu Rouanet who was flying his Viper 1 from 2006 and still managed to be faster than the rest of the field.

According to Mathieu, Aurelien Ganaye of France is a pilot to look out for in the future. Flying a Viper 2 24m, he was only a few hundreths of a second behind Mathieu, and took 4th place overall without even using his speed bar.

Full results and some video can be seen here: http://ffplum.blogspot.com/p/slalomania-2011.html

To see Mathieu and Aurelien battle it out, click here.

Cheers from all the Team.