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Speedster Now Certified and in Production

February 16, 2011

The Speedster is an all new full reflex Paramotor Wing developed with BBHPP and R10 technology. We know you’ve been waiting, but the Speedster’s evolution took time and a large number of prototypes. As the BBHPP and R10 projects progressed so did the Speedster. The final result is, we think, an exciting new wing for PPG pilots from intermediate to expert ability.

In Paramotor flying, speed is key. Unfortunately, as the amount of reflex increases in a wing, certain other parameters suffer: namely, ease of launch, quality of handling, fuel efficiency, and passive safety. Those categories, for us, are extremely important in any wing and are not to be compromised. Therefore, perfecting these characteristics while retaining a very high top speed was our mission with the development of the Speedster.

A fully enclosed tip steering system, class beating speed, renowned Ozone efficiency, and a general ease of use during launch flight and landing all make the Speedster the new standard for intermediate to advanced PPG enthusiasts.

The Speedster fits between the Roadster and Viper2 in the Ozone PPG range and is available in 4 sizes.
In flight weight range    24m: 65-95    26m: 80-110    28m: 95-125    30m: 110-140

The 26m Speedster is now certified EN C with the 24, 28, and 30m sizes coming soon. More info will be posted to our website in the product pages in the next week.