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Matt and Rob Cross NZ…

February 15, 2011

Rob Whittall, one of the founders of Ozone and the current kite and speed wing designer, together with Matt Taggart, Co-founder & Managing Director of Ozone Kites, went for a little flight across New Zealand with their new Viper2s.

Matt and Rob both have a long history in the paragliding world, as Matt has competed for the UK Team and in the PWC and Rob is a former World Champion, but they currently spend most of their time suspended from Ozone kites on the snow and in the water. However, they recently got themselves a couple of motors to use around their home site in New Zealand, and this is exactly the sort of adventure that they were imagining their new machines would be good for.

Paramotoring is a brilliant sport, as you know, and it’s flights like these that make it all worthwhile – cruising around clouds and admiring a wonderful landscape from above, while traveling alone in the sky.

Cheers to Matt and Rob from the rest of us in the Ozone office up here in wintery France! We’re happy that you liked the wings, and enjoyed your flight.