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The Kona builds on over a decade of PPG wing design, and is the perfect wing in the OZONE range for beginner-intermediate PPG pilots who need a wing that excels in free-flight. Based on the Buzz Z5, which is one of the most popular wings in our range, the Kona features cutting edge performance technology in a platform that is exceedingly comfortable under power or in free-flight. Visit the product page for full details.

Speedster 2 – official product video

Replacing the iconic Speedster was never going to be an easy task. After years of testing, we are pleased to announce that the Speedster 2 is now ready. This all new design retains a similar character to its predecessor, but includes technological improvements on the handling, stability, and efficiency. The Speedster 2 is a more agile and efficient wing, with even more speed for the new generation of PPG pilots.
For more info – flyozone.com/paramotor/en/products/gliders/speedster2/info/

VIPER 4 – official product video

Have a look at the new Viper 4 video and hear all the details from the design team and team pilots.

The Viper 4 is our paramotor competition wing designed for advanced pilots only. The Viper 4 can be used for classic or slalom competition tasks, and is a highly efficient and versatile performance PPG wing. It is an evolution of the V3, with a 3-line design, unsheathed lines, and a new profile. In thermal conditions its behavior is similar to a paragliding wing, with excellent climb and glide performance and with progressive and intuitive handling that transmits moderate feedback to the pilot.

Read more about Viper 4 here


Our sport has grown and developed in ways that no one could have imagined just a few years ago. Everything that we love about free flight has evolved from the same roots, yet now we have the opportunity to engage in it through so many different avenues. ‘Inspired’ brings us into the lives of a few pilots – some you know, some you don’t – who have immersed themselves in the various forms of flight, personally and professionally. We visit each pilot in their home environment where they share with us their local playground, and the source of their inspiration. We vol-biv into the wild and roadless California Sierra under a 5000m cloudbase. We discover the origins of a world record holder’s life altering decision to make paragliding her sole focus. Speeding through the southern Alps provides a meditative release for one professional flier and another is intentionally homeless, circling the globe year after year. In the end we see that ‘paragliding’ is now so multi-faceted that one lifetime is barely enough to absorb all of the experiences it has to offer.
Though the ways in which these pilots express their dedication is different, their underlying passion is similar, and it is unifying. As pilots, we share something that brings us together on a deeper level. We like to think that we are all equally inspired by nature, and driven by the elements.

CREATED BY – Jorge Atramiz & Karl Steslicke

Ozone Slalom Steering System (Video)

Alex Mateos describes his design: The Ozone slalom steering system is a safe way to control direction whilst accelerating along the course. The AM steering system will require a certain amount of time to learn the correct movements but, once mastered, allows the pilot full directional control whilst accelerated without the risk of accidentally activating the brakes. The slalom steering system is not only for competition slalom flying. It can be used by any pilot who flies reflex wings at top speed – this system gives the pilot more consistent control with faster access to brake inputs while using the tip steering line with an improved safety margin. The new Ozone Viper 4 is delivered with special pulleys and additional tip steering lines to install this slalom steering system. More details are available in the Viper 4 manual available at flyozone.com

Mojo PWR – official product video

Have a look at the new Mojo PWR video and hear all the details from the design team and veteran instructor.

Based on the Mojo 5, the Mojo PWR is a versatile wing for both free flying and powered flight. Certified EN A, it is suitable for students in training but ideal for the newly qualified. It is reliable and dependable, perfect for pilots who require an easy, safe and solid wing for their first 100s hours of paramotor experience as well as paragliding ridge soaring, thermalling and XC flying. The risers feature with trimmers for fast cruising, double pulleys for adjusting brake line lengths and magnetic brake connectors. Due to the specially designed power risers the Mojo PWR is suitable for all types of paramotors and trikes along with all hang point types… Read more about Mojo PWR here

Video: Ozone Team perform firework show in Qatar

A few Ozone team pilots were invited to perform demonstration flights together with the Qatar Army PPG Team. Alex Mateos, Cade Palmer, Filip Peremans, and Mark Morgan flew with the team during Qatar National Day in December, and were also able to fly through urban areas of Doha city and perform a PPG-launched firework show at sunset. The video can be seen here.

Spyder – official product video


Check out the latest Ozone paramotor video featuring the Spyder to find out how paramotor pilots can benefit from the  special and desirable characteristics of lightweight wings.

The Spyder follows in the innovative footsteps of the Sirocco as a fully reflexed, light-weight paramotoring wing. Based on the successful Roadster 2 and weighing in on average 1.5 kg lighter (depending on size), the Spyder retains the same levels of comfort, performance, speed and stability but with noticeably better handling and ridiculously easy inflation behaviour, especially in nil wind. It is suitable for a wide range of pilots from beginners to experienced XC pilots alike who are looking for a safe and fun all-round wing.

Check the product page for more info.