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Alex Mateos World Champion for the 3rd time

The World Paramotor Championship (WPC) is the biggest Paramotor competition sanctioned by FAI. Best pilots from all over the World did come to contest for the title of The World Champion. This year, Thailand has been chosen to host the event at Pasak Jolasid Dam in Lopburi.

Despite Thai hot and stormy weather, during 6 competition days stated on 30th april, the organizers managed to run an excellent event with eight tasks covering navigation, economy and precision flying. 60 pilots competed in class PF1 from 14 countries.

Alex Mateos piloted his Viper 4 16m to his third World Championship title.

Alex says: “I don’t have words to describe my joy to become World Champion for the third time! The competition was intense and very tiring with long waiting time between the tasks under hot thai sun. I won 4 from 8 tasks.  Despite making a few small mistakes, I finished this championship with a good lead in points, which secured my first position as the scoring system was not the same as usual. Now I am coming back home to France and start preparation for Slalom World Championships in Egypt.

The Ozone team sends a huge congratulations to Alex for his third World Title, and we are very happy to be able to support him and all of the pilots who have chosen Ozone.

Cheers, from all the team!

Competition web site and results: https://www.wpc2018.org/results

Alex wins WPSC 2017 in Egypt

27 October till 6 November 2017, 37 pilots from 14 nations traveled to Egypt to take part in World Paramotor Slalom Challenge – international event organized by Sky Sports and Aeroclub or Egypt.  This event was the biggest slalom competition organized in 2017.  All task were flown over water on the Lake Byoum, near Cairo.

Excellent weather conditions allowed to run many slalom task as well as spot landings.

Ozone Team pilot Alex Mateos won the competition with a huge advance to other pilots. He was flying with the Viper 4 14.

Alex Mateos reports:

“I’m happy with the performance of my equipment, which helped me to win this competition. During the final task, we had a new challenge, we were asked to design our own slalom course which had to contain 10 turns around 6 pylons and 360 wing tip touch. We had to repeat it twice, as 2 task flown without landing. It was really challenging to focus and remember the course flown!”

Cheers from all Ozone Team

Photos by Louis Garnier

TUCKER GOTT wins Icarus Trophy 2017 in just 4 days

Icarus Trophy is a known as the World’s Toughest Air Race where paramotor pilots fly long distance unsupported. The race is a real challenge that not many of us would decide to take.

During Icarus Trophy 2017, on the 24th September several pilots took off from Polson (Montana) to fly approximately 1100 nm long route and land in Mesquite (Nevada).

Young American pilot – Tucker Gott – won the Race overtaking by far all the other competitors. He completed 1200 miles route in just 4 days flying Ozone Freeride 19. Tucker video recorded all flights and created a series of short videos sharing his extraordinary experience with wider public.

Tucker Gott reports: “The Icarus Trophy race is an adventure I have wanted to complete since its inception. This year’s race started in Polson, Montana and ended in Mesquite, Nevada. There was a mandatory check point in Monument Valley which stretched the entire course to about 1,200 miles. I had the goal of completing the race as safely as possible and to the best of my ability. By the end of the race, I was blown away by the variety of amazing landscapes I had covered and the unique experiences I had encountered. The 19m Freeride gave me the efficiency to complete 100+ mile legs and the ease of launch to get me out of super tight landing areas. Overall, the Icarus Trophy was a life changing experience and opened my eyes to the world of unsupported cross country”

Go to Tucker Gott’s You Tube channel to watch videos from Icarus Trophy 2017 >> link
Tucker Gott was flying Ozone Freeride 19 supplied by Aviator PPG

Photos by: Sophie Bolesworth

Cheers from all the OZONE Team.

Alex Mateos European Champion

Over 100 pilots from 11 countries participated in 7th FAI European Paramotor Championships from 16 till 26 of August in Breclav, Czech Republic.

In spite of bad weather during first days of the competition the organized manage to run 8 tasks such as speed and curve navigation, navigation with declared time, economy task, precision take off and landings.

Ozone Team pilots Alex Mateos finished 1st winning again the title of European Champion. He won all from 7 tasks.

Alex Mateos reports:

“Competition started slow, because of bad weather so I knew that there was no time to run many tasks. I will have to focus not to make too many mistakes.  I am happy to see that all the years of training still pay off! I used the same wing Ozone Viper 4 18 and motor Macfly Polini than last year World Championships in UK so I know it very well”

Congratulations from all Ozone Team.

Photos: Jose Ortega

Results: http://wiki.fai.org/display/cima/2017+EPC

Silver at World Games 2017

The 2017 World Games, held from 20 to 23 July 2017 in Wrocław, Poland, officially called the X World Games is a major international multi sport event, meant for sports, or disciplines or events within a sport, that are not contested in the Olympic Games. This is the first time that paramotor has been included in the World Games as official sport

16 pilots from 6 countries flew 9 precision task during 3 days including slaloms around pylons, bowling landing, water swoops, classic slow-fast and paramotor football.

Ozone pilot from Thailand Kittiphop Phrommat (Eed) finished  2nd flying Viper 4 14 winning World Games Vice Champion title.

Pilots describe the event as new, fun and exciting however  French pilots refused to fly slow-fast classic task considering it dangerous, which put Alex Mateos on the 4th position in final results.

Congratulations to all pilots!

Alex Mateos wins French Champion title

From 3rd till 7th of July the 2017 French Championships were held at Blois aero club.  There were 36 pilots competing in the solo foot launch class plus several solo and double trikes and 5 tandem crews. Weather conditions were changeable during all week but good enough to complete 15 tasks. Ozone Team Pilot, Alex Mateos finished in first place flying his Viper 4 18.  He impressed everyone flying 6 hours during pure eco tasks till the evening briefing.

Alex Mateos reports: “This year I won the French Champion title for the 6th time! For me this competition was not very stressful, because since the beginning I was on the top of scoring list with a huge gap to the 2nd pilot. I won 10 of total 15 tasks”

Congratulations from Ozone Team

Thai pilots win Gold, silver and bronze medals

The 2017 45th Thailand National Games took place in Songkhla, 24 – 28 June. Gold, silver and bronze medals went to OZONE pilots in individual PF1 class:

Kittiphop PHROMMAT (Ead) Viper 4 14 – overall 2nd

Precision – 1st Gold Navigation – 2nd Silver Eco = 3rd Bronze

Pongkorn THANASAKUNKORNSAENG (Zeegame) flying Ozone Freeride 15 – overall 3rd

Precision – 3rd Bronze Eco – 2nd Silver

A total of 33 Thai pilots were competing in 3 classes PF1, PF1f and PL1, including 7 girls, 17 mans in PF1 and 9 pilots in single trikes. Weather conditions were changeable including strong winds and rain but the organizer manage to complete 9 tasks: 5 precision, 2 economy and 2 navigation.

Big congratulations to new Ozone Thai Team pilot Pongkorn THANASAKUNKORNSAENG (Zeegame) for his excellent results considering that he received his new Freeride 15 just before the competition.

Cheers from all the OZONE Team.

Pasquale wins Italian Championships for the 3rd time

The Italian Championships were held at Benevento airfield 17 – 21st May 2017. Ozone Italian Team pilots Pasquale Biondo finished in the first place flying his new Viper 4 18  followed by Sandro Passeri – 2nd on Viper 4 18.

Pasquale says: “the weather conditions have been unstable with strong winds and even rain, but the organization managed to run several tasks such as precision take off, spot landing, pure economy and different navigation tasks”

Other Italian pilot, Aurelio Tonchei, who flew Viper 4 20 in this competition reports:  “I flew Ozone Viper 4 20 and I had a perfect feeling with the wing during the race. It’s extreme easy inflation undoubtedly helped in the take-off and landing in all task during the competition. Part of the race took place in strong weather conditions, and here the Viper 4 was very good and I felt safe. The use of the speed system is comfortable and light, giving lots of extra speed when you need it”

Congratulations from all Ozone Team.

The 3rd Asia-Oceania Paramotor Championship

The 3rd Asian-Oceania Paramotor Championships took place in Pasak Jolasid Dam, Saraburi, Thailand

from 28 April till 7th May 2017.  Thai pilot Kittiphop Phrommat (Eed) flying Viper 4 14 won the Gold by team and individually.

Despite changeable weather and strong winds the organizers managed to run an excellent competition with 13 tasks covering navigation, economy and precision over several days:

Precision: Bowling Landing, Precision Take off, Precision Wing Control, Short Take off over the fence, The Eight (Canceled), Precision Wing Control – Ground Handling, Clover Leave Slalom, Paraball, Japaneese Slalom,
Navigation: Pure Navigation
Economic: Speed Triangle Out and Return, Economy and Distance

21 pilots competed in class PF1 from 5 countries.

Cheers, from all the team!

The Turner Twins paramotor to The Red Pole, Australia’s most inaccessible point.

In August, identical twin explorers Hugo and Ross Turner, better known as The Turner Twins, successfully became the first people to journey to the Australian Pole of Inaccessibility, using Paramotors.

They started on the southern coast of Australia near Adelaide and journeyed over 1,600kms over unforgiving, remote deserts and mountains of the Outback, finally finishing 300kms North-West of Alice Springs in an area of Australia known as, the Red Centre.

This latest Quest from The Turner Twins, named The Red Pole, wasn’t without its trials and tribulations.

The trip, which was their first flying expedition using Paramotors, included many dangers and risks along the way such as freezing temperatures, extreme heat, turbulent air and weather, poisonous snakes and spiders and the chance of crashing in the remote Outback with little or no hope of immediate rescue.

Joining them on the epic expedition was a fellow pilot Kester Haynes who provided vital provisions, fuel, technical support and supplies along the route. While voyaging through the outback, they filmed from the air, capturing some unique and stunning film. The film is currently on Redbull.com

“We both used Roadster 2 wings- a perfect mix of easy take off and agility in the air. They didn’t respond at all to the torque effect of our engines which meant we didn’t need to set our trims differently. Performance was above and beyond what we were expecting and by the end of the trip we both had huge confidence with the wings.

The perfect wing for desert and cross country flying due to the stability in turbulence/ thermals- we didn’t have one collapse on the journey. Looking forward to the next trip.”

The Turner Twins will use the expedition to support the charity Wings For Life – which funds vital research into spinal cord repair, which is a cause close to the twins’ heart, after Hugo suffered a broken neck, aged 17, narrowly avoiding paralysis.